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I asked Chat GPT to create an emergency plan for my family, here’s what I got

A family (grand-mother, pregnant mother and child) is looking at a phone

Can AI help create a personalized emergency plan? Like many people, I have been hearing a lot about ChatGPT and I wanted to see if I could use it to create an emergency plan, tell me what I should include in my family’s kit, and what to do if there was a disaster in my city. While AI was able to get me started, it’s important to rely on trustworthy organizations like the Canadian Red Cross, when preparing for a disaster or emergency.

A family (grand-mother, pregnant mother and child) is looking at a phone

Aviva Asset Mapping: helping older adults navigate community resources, stay connected

A screenshot of a map on a computer

Navigating the health care system and available community health resources can be tricky. Recognizing this, the Canadian Red Cross has created a program to make it easier for older adults, their caregivers, and families.

A screenshot of a map on a computer

Know someone who’s tech-shy? Here’s how to introduce them to the online world

A middle aged couple look at a digital tablet, smiling

Digital skills are a great tool for connecting to others and enriching social lives, but it doesn’t come intuitively to everyone. Here’s a few tips on helping someone less familiar with technology learn computer and internet skills.

A middle aged couple look at a digital tablet, smiling

Using the Red Cross app to help a stranger

Long-time paramedic, Lyle Karasiuk, was taking a routine call for a person lying on a street in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. When he arrived, he found three people - a man lying on the ground, one woman standing and talking on her phone, and a second woman crouching beside the man scrolling on her phone.

Tech Talk: From tech for profit to tech for purpose

There’s a good chance that when you think of the Canadian Red Cross, ground-breaking technology isn’t what first comes to mind. Most likely, you’d think of disaster response, humanitarian work, and first aid training; but, now, a new initiative by the Red Cross will make it a key player in the technology industry, when it comes to innovation, software development and data management.

Prepping for storms and hurricanes with technology

In this digital age, there are many tech tools available to help you prepare and safely weather storms. Here are some tips for using tech to prepare for hurricanes this season. 

Drones: A helpful eye in the sky

Imagine a disaster strikes and thousands upon thousands of people might be injured or trapped. How do you begin to assess the damage? Map out the impacted area? Determine where you are most needed? By using new innovations like drones, humanitarian organizations can get where they are needed faster.

More than ever, Canadians are turning to tech during disasters

63 per cent of Canadians have experienced an emergency or disaster, and the average number of disasters have doubled in the last 30 years. According to a new survey, when a disaster or emergency hits, Canadians are turning online for services, support, and up-to-date information. 

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