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Life-Changing Support During Trying Times: Cash and Voucher Assistance in Haiti

As of early 2023, Haiti continues to experience a major security, social, economic, and public health crisis. Despite the deteriorating security situation, namely tied to armed violence, the Red Cross continues its essential work in support of the people of Haiti. One approach we have taken is providing direct financial assistance for the people who are still recovering from the 2021 Earthquake. To date, the Cash and Voucher Assistance program has enabled 1,400 households in the municipalities of Corail and Pestel, in Grande Anse, to meet their essential humanitarian needs and provides much needed relief during these difficult times.

Corporate volunteering: working together to create interconnected communities in Canada

One area we’re seeing a large amount of success is with corporate partners – teams of colleagues working together on impactful projects like mapping, to help vulnerable communities be recognized on a map in times of emergencies or helping in our warehouse to pack critical supplies. See how these company teams are getting involved on-the-ground.

Red Cross and Red Crescent around the world: Unique Societies, same principles  

Every day, members of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement respond to emergencies and disasters around the world. Each Red Cross or Red Crescent National Society is distinct from each other but linked together by the same guiding principles. So how does this all work? 

How CPR is not like in the movies

CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is depicted in many ways on-screen, often for the benefit of the movie or show’s drama or timeframe.
Instead of focusing on how incorrectly CPR can be depicted, we want to focus on the accuracy of a few simple steps – steps which could save lives.

Debunking myths around performing CPR

There are many beliefs or myths that can and do stop people from helping another individual in distress, such as cardiac arrest. In fact, seven out of 10 cardiac arrests happen in front of bystanders, however less than 20% of bystanders end up providing first aid.

The Community Services Recovery Fund – supporting community organizations impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic

A new program has been launched to help community service organizations in Canada strengthen their internal structures and practices as they recover from the pandemic. This will, in turn, assist them as they continue to support their communities.

Mental health and men: how to support your loved ones

Men also experience mental health challenges, including depression and anxiety. Knowing this, why don’t we hear about it more? Whether it’s a family member or a friend you are worried about, here are some tips to spot depression and to support someone going through it, as well as some resources.

Language, culture, and mental health support following a disaster

Guy Choquet, the Red Cross Director of Operations, Alberta Fire Recovery in Fort McMurray was one of thousands of people evacuated when flood waters came into the downtown area on April 26, 2020.
Choquet was also instrumental in supporting the Flood Collaborative, a group of local community organizations that formed to identify and address any gaps in services as residents began the recovery process.

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