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HELP: How the Red Cross Health Equipment Loan Program supports my mobility and independence  

Disability doesn’t discriminate, it can appear in our lives, whether from birth, through illness and injury, or simply by the natural process of aging. Chances are, you or someone you know, lives with some form of temporary or permanent disability. Would you know where to turn to if you needed health equipment to maintain your quality of life?

Canadian Red Cross mobile vaccine clinics demonstrate value of teamwork and agility

For most of us, getting a shot only lasts an instant, but for public health specialist Shawna Novak, the vaccination story begins before clinic doors open and ends long after doses are administered.
Shawna is part of the Canadian Red Cross vaccination team operating clinics across southern Ontario.

Friendly Calls program expands in Alberta

“Right away people are telling you, ‘I'm so thankful that you called. I was not expecting any other calls this week.’ They are happy to hear from us.”
That is the way Luisa Castro, the provincial coordinator of the Virtual Support Team describes the reaction of participants in the Friendly Calls program.

Top stories of 2021: our year in review

Despite it all, this year brought about inspiring and touching stories that resonated with our readers. We looked at the most popular stories from 2021 and brought them together for us to enjoy again as we end 2021.

Welcome to Canadian winter: After the winter storm

The blizzard has finally passed. The ice storm has stopped raging. Your home is snowed in and the power is out, though thankfully your household members are safely inside. For many newcomers, the aftermath of a winter emergency requires a safe and strategic approach, including advanced planning.

Restoring Family Links program helps bring closure and healing

When Cristina Austin asked for the Canadian Red Cross’ assistance in January 2020, she had just one question: “What happened to my grandfather?” A first generation Canadian, born to German immigrants who arrived in Montreal in the early 1960s, Cristina was inspired to look into her family history for many reasons.

Honda Canada gives back with Friendly Calls program

Human beings are social creatures, so when someone feels disconnected from that, it can really take a toll on their mental wellbeing. This is where the Canadian Red Cross Friendly Calls Program comes in. It helps people to feel that connection and reminds us that we are all in this together.

Volunteering during a pandemic, Baxter Canada supports Toronto Mobile Food Bank

Baxter Canada has supported Canadian Red Cross programs for years, helping Canadians when they need it the most, and, despite a global pandemic, has continued to provide support to several programs, including the Mobile Food Bank. Baxter has maintained a steady roster of volunteers during the COVID-19 pandemic when volunteer support was limited.

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