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Two generations honoring the past and supporting the future

Mary Land was 21 when she enlisted in a group of volunteers who were specially trained for wartime service known as the Canadian Red Cross Corps during the Second World War. At 95 years old Mary and her son John had a chance to watch a tribute video of Canadian women like herself who served in the Canadian Red Cross Corps. Her son's final gift to his mother was to pay tribute to the remarkable life Mary lived and her service to the Red Cross as a volunteer.

Inspiring family traditions: Ways to support those in need during the holidays

There are many ways to give back and support those in need during the holidays, so we asked families and friends to share their holiday traditions that are sparked by a sense of community, generosity, and compassion.

More than a century of tireless service: Celebrating Dilke Red Cross Society

On December 16, 1916, in the small community of Dilke, just northwest of Regina, Saskatchewan, a group of 24 men and women formed a society to help soldiers who were away at war. Little did they know this would be the beginning of a beautiful friendship that would span generations, for more than a century.

Creative fundraisers: The many ways Canadians are helping those in Ukraine and surrounding countries

Here are some amazing examples of how people across Canada have been moved to help in creative ways, using their interests and passions to raise money to help those affected by the conflict in Ukraine.

How Canadians can help in a humanitarian crisis: Ukraine and surrounding countries

The conflict in Ukraine is having widespread and devastating humanitarian impacts. Thanks to the generosity of Canadians, the Red Cross can offer humanitarian assistance to people in Ukraine and surrounding countries.
Here are five of the most effective ways you can offer help right now.

The Land Family Legacy: Two generations of honouring the past while supporting the future

Legacy givers are not necessarily wealthy or famous, which is a common misconception. Instead, they’re simply people who wish to share their kindness and make a difference in some way for future generations.
One such person is John Land, who shares why he and his late mother, Mary, both included donations to the Red Cross in their Wills.

The story of Muggins just keeps getting better

Stories about Muggins the fundraising dog always delight, and the stories that continue to unfold over the years just keep getting better. His fame as a four-legged fundraising mascot is now the subject of a recently published book.

Leaving a lasting impression with Canadian Red Cross Legacy Giving

What will your legacy be? It’s a question you may not have asked yourself before. In fact, you may not have thought about the possibility of making a future difference through your Will.
Canadian Red Cross Legacy Giving Director, Gina Baillie, helps answer some of your most-asked questions about the process.

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