Cross Play Day streams community and fun nation-wide

 By Alana Yip, Canadian Red Cross Digital Volunteer
On Cross Play Day gamers, content creators, and donors helped raise over $8,000 for the Canadian Red Cross. That translates to services and supplies for individuals and communities in need.
What is Cross Play Day?
On March 25, we invited content creators, communities, and anyone with a passion for fundraising to support the Canadian Red Cross. Cross Play, via the Tiltify platform, enables gamers and content creators everywhere to make a positive humanitarian impact in the world by fundraising to support the Canadian Red Cross.    
Miurgen, a content creator, took the time to learn about some of the programs beforehand, “I learned that the Canadian Red Cross works with over 200 Indigenous communities across the country to provide tools to empower stronger and healthier communities and that was a cause that I was more than happy to get behind”.
Miurgen got creative with her fundraising and included her two cats as part of her stream, finding fun ways to incorporate incentives such as a “kitty treat break” where her community could watch the cats enjoy a snack on the stream. Miurgen doubled her original goal of $500 by the end of 12-hour stream, raising an incredible $1,000.
Our top contributor Chloe, who raised over $3,000 streaming a large multiplayer Sonic Robo Blast 2 game, is a previous Red Cross supporter. When asked if she would recommend Cross Play Day to her fellow creators, she said, “I would absolutely encourage other creators to take part, because Cross Play allows us to easily use our platforms to give back and support humanitarian efforts across the globe. Especially with the way things are right now, what could be better than that?”
For some, supporting the Red Cross is driven by more personal reasons. “My Mother loved to volunteer for the Red Cross as a CPR trainer. We even did a pet CPR class together. She wanted to help people know how to do CPR to save lives, so I did it in her honor.” Tiffany, who has a passion for charity streaming, has helped over 70 charities on Twitch and raised $1010 during her Cross Play Day stream.

Courtney, a Twitch streamer, is also a big supporter of helping raise awareness and funds for charity which is one of the reasons she started her Twitch channel. Raising $500 while streaming two different games, including Pokémon , each donation impacted the game or the player in some way, “One of the most popular rewards was to name the Pokemon I caught. It was a lot of fun!”. She first heard of the event through Alberta Esports Expo, and when a fellow streamer was joining in, she knew she had to as well, “Nothing brings a community together like rallying behind a great cause, and Cross Play is the perfect way to do that.”
You don’t have to just be a streamer or gamer to join in the fun! Anyone interested in supporting can create their own event, participate in a program, or donate today. We love to see the unique     ways people bring their communities together to help one another.    

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