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From Trenton to Operation Remote Immunity: Red Cross Worker Shares his Journey in Public Health Nursing

Red Cross Worker George Rudanycz and team ready for action

When Sarnia-based George Rudanycz retired after 38 years of critical care nursing in 2019, he believed that his most hectic days were behind him. Today, George is grateful to say he is busier than ever.

Red Cross Worker George Rudanycz and team ready for action

Native Friendship Centre of Montreal: New relationships and opportunities for collaboration in urban communities

Drumsticks laying on a large drum sitting on the floor.

Thanks to funding from Indigenous Services Canada, via First Nations and Inuit Health Branch and in collaboration with the First Nations Health Managers Association, the Canadian Red Cross launched a Help Desk to support Indigenous community leaders prepare for and respond to COVID-19. Here is how the Help Desk made it possible to help one of these leaders.

Drumsticks laying on a large drum sitting on the floor.

How to adapt your emergency car kit for summer in a pandemic

We know it’s important to have an emergency kit for our homes – one that prepares us for up to 72 hours after a disaster - should help not be able to arrive until then; but do you have an emergency kit prepared for your car?

Tips to exercise outdoors safely this spring while keeping your distance

While Health Canada is telling Canadians to stay at home as much as possible, they also encourage you to “go outside to exercise but stay close to home.” So how do you enjoy being outdoors in a safe way? Here are our tips to make the most out of spring weather despite the social distancing measures imposed by COVID-19.

Feeling stressed? How to handle the ongoing pandemic

For many Canadians, probably every Canadian, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is causing some form of upset in daily life. The cycles of lockdowns and various protocols can be overwhelming at a time when your stress levels are already higher than normal. With so many things out of our control, what can we do about it?

Fun activities to do with the family this spring

The exceptional circumstances we’re experiencing under COVID-19 are forcing us to get creative to find safe activities while keeping a social distance. Since the beginning of the pandemic, several organizations and businesses have been generous in offering free movies, videos, music, training and other content to keep us entertained at home. We've compiled online entertainment ideas.

Nanaimo group helps community members connect with nature during the pandemic

Getting outside during the COVID-19 pandemic can be a boon for both body and mind, but not everyone is lucky enough to live near nature or have the means to get there. That’s why Altrusa International of Nanaimo decided to distribute bus tickets and maps to people in need - along with masks and hand sanitizer - to help them connect with the outdoors.

Coaching through a crisis

Can you think about the last time you started a new job? How everything was new for you, processes were confusing. Now, imagine that this new job is responding to the resurgence of Ebola in a neighbouring country during a pandemic. This is the tough job Jimmy Zaka Mansongele had to face when he was sent to the Republic of Congo as an Operations Manager for the International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC).

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