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“It was amazing how much help we got”: an evacuee's account of the Northwest Territories wildfires

Michele Michetti smiling at the camera

For more than 20 hours, people fleeing wildfire in Northwest Territories drove south to get to safety and plan their next steps. Michele Michetti, 29, remembers seeing flames, but it’s the people that stick out the most in her memories on the drive from Yellowknife. 

Michele Michetti smiling at the camera

From sudden death to a second chance at life thanks to three gym partners, an AED and First Aid training

An AED mounted on a wall

One night in February 2022, John Uhren sat down at the dinner table with his wife and 11-month-old son and declared he was going back to the gym. Prior to that, he had been working out at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a young, fit, and active man, attending fitness classes was something he did long before the pandemic. Little did he know that when he returned to the gym for a class, his heart would stop.

An AED mounted on a wall

Hope in the Face of Adversity: Kym Porter's Journey of Healing and Community Support in Medicine Hat

In the picturesque community of Medicine Hat, Alberta, one woman has emerged as a beacon of hope, breaking down barriers and transforming tragedy into triumph. Kym Porter, a compassionate advocate for opioid harm reduction, has dedicated her life to empowering her community through naloxone training and combating the burden of stigma. We’re diving  into Kym's incredible story, her unwavering resilience, and her mission to create a brighter future for those affected by drug use.

Canadian Couple, Chris and Emilie aid their community, and millions in need, with the Walmart Campaign supporting Canadian Red Cross

They say it takes a village, and for Chris and Emilie, who share 20 years of marriage, they firmly believe in being a part of that village and giving back whenever they have the chance.

“It means being closer to our local community and learning about the different challenges people face when they are displaced due to a disaster and how we can support them”, they shared. The community they are a part of is in the Richmond and Tsawwassen area of British Columbia.

Empowering Communities: Opioid Harm Reduction in Canada

In recent years, Canada has faced a grave challenge in the form of the opioid crisis, demanding urgent action and innovative solutions.  Dedicated people like Judi Frank have emerged as beacons of hope and catalysts for change. We took the time to learn more about Judi’s inspiring journey, exploring her work in the opioid harm reduction space, the critical role of community engagement, and the importance of self-care in combating compassion fatigue.

Don’t get scammed! Tips for avoiding donation fraud during disasters

A phone screen labels a text as a scam

Ever get an email promising you a fortune if you provide your personal information, or a threatening phone call demanding money to avoid jail? It can feel like scams are everywhere! Sometimes they feel obvious, others can be extremely sophisticated. Here are some steps you can take to help protect yourself from a scam.

A phone screen labels a text as a scam

Red Cross responds to wildfires in Nova Scotia

A cot with a Red Cross blanket, teddy bear and hygiene kit

Wildfires are burning in Halifax region and Shelburne County Nova Scotia, forcing people to evacuate from their homes. The Canadian Red Cross is on the ground in support of the provincial and municipal governments. We’re working together with community organizations to provide help to those who have been impacted. 

A cot with a Red Cross blanket, teddy bear and hygiene kit

Cross Play Day streams community and fun nation-wide

On March 25, we invited content creators, communities, and anyone with a passion for fundraising to support the Canadian Red Cross. Cross Play, via the Tiltify platform, enables gamers and content creators everywhere to make a positive humanitarian impact in the world by fundraising to support the Canadian Red Cross.    

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