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Why the Canadian Red Cross uses direct mail to fundraise

One way we reach these donors and supporters is through the mail. Sending a letter thanking our donors for their past support and asking if they would like to donate again remains an important source of revenue. In some instances, donors also receive a small gift in the mail, such as a pen, or a calendar. These small cost-effective gifts are appreciated by many donors and greatly increase the overall revenue raised.

Why misinformation is dangerous, especially during disasters

With more access to information than ever before, misinformation is a big topic these days. Sometimes misinformation can be small and pretty harmless, other times it can lead to incredibly serious consequences. For the Red Cross and Red Crescent, misinformation can make it harder for us to deliver aid, and harder for people to receive the help they need. So, what do me mean when we talk about misinformation and what can be done to recognize it and stop it from spreading?

Responding to the severe and ongoing drought in the Horn of Africa

Across the Horn of Africa, severe ongoing drought is reshaping the lives of millions as the lack of water destroys livelihoods, causes mass migration, and is the reason for increasing malnutrition. Read how the Somali Red Crescent is working to help where it is most needed. 

Friendly Calls: Make a connection, one call at a time

Have you ever noticed how much better you feel after having a meaningful conversation with someone? It turns out that connecting with others not only helps reduce stress and anxiety, but it increases our overall well-being!

Read about humanitarian worker and author France Hurtubise

France Hurtubise, a retired Communications delegate living in Montréal, looks back on her experience in the humanitarian sector and shares her story with us. Over the course of 25 years working abroad, France traveled to four continents and worked in countries heavily impacted by conflicts and disasters. In May 2022, she published “Grandeur et dénuement”, an account of her years with the Red Cross (ICRC, IFRC and CRC) and the UN.

Life-Changing Support During Trying Times: Cash and Voucher Assistance in Haiti

As of early 2023, Haiti continues to experience a major security, social, economic, and public health crisis. Despite the deteriorating security situation, namely tied to armed violence, the Red Cross continues its essential work in support of the people of Haiti. One approach we have taken is providing direct financial assistance for the people who are still recovering from the 2021 Earthquake. To date, the Cash and Voucher Assistance program has enabled 1,400 households in the municipalities of Corail and Pestel, in Grande Anse, to meet their essential humanitarian needs and provides much needed relief during these difficult times.

A Volunteer Journey

Joe Michielsen is entering his third decade as a volunteer with the Canadian Red Cross in southern Alberta. Discover why he thinks “volunteering is the best job”.

Corporate volunteering: working together to create interconnected communities in Canada

One area we’re seeing a large amount of success is with corporate partners – teams of colleagues working together on impactful projects like mapping, to help vulnerable communities be recognized on a map in times of emergencies or helping in our warehouse to pack critical supplies. See how these company teams are getting involved on-the-ground.

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