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Student association in support of the Red Cross: Preparing and inspiring the next generation

Grouping of four portraits of students in the story

Wishing to get involved in their community, two Université Laval students decided to volunteer at the Canadian Red Cross. Audrey Simard and Élizabeth Collin-Paré came up with the idea to create the Association étudiante en soutien à la Croix-Rouge (Student Association in Support of the Red Cross). 

Grouping of four portraits of students in the story

Pregnant? Follow these tips to prepare for disasters or emergencies

Pregnancy can be a lot of things, exciting, terrifying, emotional, gassy - but no matter what, it means taking steps to care for yourself and your offspring.

How to prevent kitchen fires: cooking at home during COVID-19

A woman looking shocked at burned food in a frying pan

Being stuck at home has us all trying random new things. There was the sudden obsession with home-made sourdough bread that swept the internet earlier this year, and a lot of people have turned to perfecting a craft. I don’t particularly enjoy being in the kitchen, so my lockdown saw me learning to play the ukulele.

A woman looking shocked at burned food in a frying pan

Deck the halls with fire safety

A baby sitting next to an artificial Christmas tree, touching one of the bulbs

Keep the season merry and bright with these simple holiday fire safety tips. The fire danger associated with real and artificial trees can be mitigated through these few safety tips

A baby sitting next to an artificial Christmas tree, touching one of the bulbs

What you need to know about carbon monoxide

Every year, hundreds of Canadians are affected by carbon monoxide poisoning. The results can be fatal.
Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odourless, colourless, and tasteless gas, and therefore not detectable by any of the body’s senses. Because of its indiscernible nature, carbon monoxide poisoning is sometimes known as a “silent killer”. CO poisoning happens when someone breathes in too much carbon monoxide.

15 tips to keep up good COVID habits

It’s easy to fall into the old ways of going about our lives. However it's vital we keep up new habits to stop the spread of COVID-19.

How to celebrate Halloween during COVID-19

In many ways, parenthood is a continuous lesson in flexibility and adapting to changes. The pandemic has certainly proven that to be true for everyone, including parents juggling changes in schooling, daycare and other areas. In addition to adapting to how COVID-19 has impacted back to school plans for everyone, this maman is getting ready to pivot on what it means for certain activities that are coming up.

6 things every pool owner should know

With summer in full swing, we are all looking for ways to beat the heat while having fun, and what better way than to go for a swim? This year there has been a rise in new backyard pool owners, and whether it’s inflatable or above ground we want to help you ‘S.P.L.A.S.H.’ into summer fun while keeping your family safe!

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