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How Danielle honours those who never came home from residential schools: Setting the children free

Learn how Danielle Robinson uses her art to help her and those around her navigate their feelings through the current events impacting Indigenous Peoples in Canada this last year. The Canadian Red Cross Society is honoured that Indigenous people such as Danielle Robinson choose to avail their expertise to our humanitarian objectives.

Workplace changes and well-being: adapting to a new era

As some COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, employers may ask their staff to return to the workplace. Adapting to many changes in a relatively short period of time can be challenging, so it’s important to make sure we are of taking care of our mental health.

Talking with children and youth about difficult things

We all know what we’re seeing in the news can be worrisome – even, at times, frightening. If we’re feeling worried or alarmed about what we’re seeing in the news as adults, imagine what kids and youth may be thinking. Here are some tips for talking with children and youth about distressing or traumatic events in the news.

Friendly Calls program expands in Alberta

“Right away people are telling you, ‘I'm so thankful that you called. I was not expecting any other calls this week.’ They are happy to hear from us.”
That is the way Luisa Castro, the provincial coordinator of the Virtual Support Team describes the reaction of participants in the Friendly Calls program.

Sometimes all you need is a friendly chat

For over three years, Cheryl Horgan has been volunteering as an emergency management responder with the Canadian Red Cross in New Brunswick. She spent some her time volunteering with our Friendly Calls program in Atlantic Canada.

Tips and resources when feeling stressed or drained during holidays

Fear, stress and worry are all expected feelings during a crisis. If you’re among the many people who find themselves feeling drained as we enter this holiday season, there are small steps you can take that can help.

Honda Canada gives back with Friendly Calls program

Human beings are social creatures, so when someone feels disconnected from that, it can really take a toll on their mental wellbeing. This is where the Canadian Red Cross Friendly Calls Program comes in. It helps people to feel that connection and reminds us that we are all in this together.

Curbing loneliness through Friendly Calls

The Friendly Calls program was designed to offer a safe, routine place for those feeling isolated or lonely to seek connections. With so many finding themselves feeling lonely, the Friendly Calls program has seen an uptake in participation since the start of the pandemic, with the program itself expanding in many areas across the country.

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