Stuck inside this winter? Here’s how to have a successful isolation

By Andrea Parent, social media and digital content coordinator

There are a variety of reasons why you might have you stay home this winter, like a virus, COVID-19, a snow or ice storm, or a cold wave.
While the first few days might feel like a nice break, you may also experience feelings of boredom or loneliness.
A woman with dark curly hair is sitting on a couch talking on facetime on her computerHere are some tips to prepare for that situation:
  • Create a plan for yourself and your loved ones. It is always a good idea to discuss what should happen in of the event of an emergency with all household members.
  • Stock up on essentials. Always be ready for an emergency by having a good food supply in your cupboard and freezer. Pro tip: make sure you include some fun treats and snacks! Be sure to include enough toiletries. Keep a small supply of toothpaste, toilet paper and soap in case you have to isolate yourself at home.
  • Ask someone to check up on you while you are home. You can set daily phone calls, facetime calls or text messages with a family member or a friend to stay in touch. That way, your loved ones can make sure you are doing well, and it can also help curb loneliness.
  • Have a “buddy system” in place in case you need someone to lend you a hand while you isolate. If you’re at home because of a virus, you might need a friend to grab some groceries or prescriptions for you.
  • Have a plan for keeping busy and entertained. Below are some ideas to get inspired.
Suggestions for keeping busy while at home this winter:
A woman is sitting on a bed, a cup of tea in one hand and a book in the other.
  1. Clean/declutter/organize your house: what could feel better than a clean house? Being stuck at home is the perfect opportunity for you to tackle some tasks you have neglected in the past because there wasn’t enough time. Cleaning, decluttering, and organizing your house may also help your mood, as it often comes with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.
  2. Benefit from words: most of us are guilty of buying new books before finishing the collection (huge in my case) we already own. Now is the perfect time to sit down with your beverage of choice and either a book you’ve been wanting to get to or a nice journal to write in.
  3. Get sweaty: the amount of workout videos that can be found online is incredible! Whether you like Zumba, boxing, high intensity interval workouts or low impact workouts, you will be able to find something that suits you. If you are feeling up to it, put your workout clothes on and have fun!
  4. Relax and unwind: with the frenzy of everyday life, we sometimes don’t take time to simply relax. Now is your time to take a nice long bath, do some yoga or meditate. Remember; taking time to relax is not selfish or unproductive. On the contrary, it helps us recharge and it’s essential to our health.
  5. Wake up the artist in you: it doesn’t matter if you are talented or not. Painting, drawing and scrapbooking are all great ways to disconnect and pass the time. You will even have a nice souvenir of your time at home!
  6. Let your creativity shine: does your home need a little redo? When decorating, a little goes a long way. Move existing pieces of furniture, change the pictures in your frames and hide your cords. You can also create new decorations with “do it yourself projects” like wall art, centerpieces for your tables, planters, and more.
  7. Learn something new: why not participate in an online class? These days, there are online courses on every topic. In need of an idea? The Canadian Red Cross offers online courses about Opioid Harm Reduction and Psychological First Aid, for example.
Whatever the reason you are isolating for, make sure you stay informed and follow your local authorities’ guidelines.
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