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Total strangers to true companions

Despite being brought together out of an unfortunate circumstance, the powerful impact of Chris and George’s story is bright, inspiring, and heartwarming. The bond the two now have speaks to the undeniable importance of human connection and how something as simple as having a conversation can make a world of difference to someone.

Mix up your summer game plan with five new things to try

After some very different summers during the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are more than ready to start exploring and socializing, making up for those times we were isolated from the people, places and activities that are dear to us. Here are five new things to try this summer, to mix up your summer game plan:

How Danielle honours those who never came home from residential schools: Setting the children free

Learn how Danielle Robinson uses her art to help her and those around her navigate their feelings through the current events impacting Indigenous Peoples in Canada this last year. The Canadian Red Cross Society is honoured that Indigenous people such as Danielle Robinson choose to avail their expertise to our humanitarian objectives.

Workplace changes and well-being: adapting to a new era

As some COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, employers may ask their staff to return to the workplace. Adapting to many changes in a relatively short period of time can be challenging, so it’s important to make sure we are of taking care of our mental health.

Friendly Calls: Benefits on both sides of the phone  

When asked about his experience as a volunteer in the Friendly Calls program, Jason Robillon quickly responds: “It was exactly what I was looking for: having a consistent person to talk with once a week.”
The Canadian Red Cross Friendly Calls program focuses on forming connections and offering more social interaction to adults across the country.

Mental health matters: How to emotionally prepare yourself for an emergency or disaster

As Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Mental Health Week and Emergency Preparedness Week coincide, we focus on the importance of prioritizing mental health and wellbeing during times of crisis.

Coping with crisis: What’s in your self-care plan?  

In the midst of crisis, it can be difficult to cope with feelings of fear, stress and anxiety. It’s common to feel sad, overwhelmed, or anxious. Sometimes, we may feel unsure of what to do to cope. Over-exposure to the news and social media can increase stress levels, which can negatively impact mental health and overall wellbeing. Taking time for self-care is important, especially in the current global climate.

Friendly Calls program expands in Alberta

“Right away people are telling you, ‘I'm so thankful that you called. I was not expecting any other calls this week.’ They are happy to hear from us.”
That is the way Luisa Castro, the provincial coordinator of the Virtual Support Team describes the reaction of participants in the Friendly Calls program.

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