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Debunking myths around performing CPR

There are many beliefs or myths that can and do stop people from helping another individual in distress, such as cardiac arrest. In fact, seven out of 10 cardiac arrests happen in front of bystanders, however less than 20% of bystanders end up providing first aid.

Working together to save a life: how a work team switched gears in a first aid emergency

An operations crew within Public Works for the City of St. John’s, NL, found out the importance of teamwork – and training - in a recent first aid emergency resulting in the crew being nominated for the Canadian Red Cross Rescuer Award.

"It was worth it": How N.S. author used first aid training to help

Award-winning author Rebecca Thomas, of Nova Scotia, thought getting trained in first aid may come in useful but she couldn’t have guessed within a couple months, Rebecca would find herself using these skills in two first aid emergencies.

Do you know the signs of a stroke?

When it comes to strokes, every second counts - that’s why it is so important to know the signs, and to act FAST.

Transit trio apply critical first aid skills to save a life

Everyday transit enforcement officers patrol bus hubs in the City of Mississauga with the goal to keep everyone safe. One day, in early January, Michal and two of his colleagues relied their first aid training to save a man’s life.

Adapted first aid training: an inclusive Red Cross experience  

When my first aid certification expired during the pandemic, I knew it was time to renew. Typically, I’d be keen to refresh my skills and knowledge – after all, being able to help in an emergency is a valuable skill to have. Still, I hesitated. Unlike the last time I’d certified, I now live with reduced mobility and was feeling less confident about training this time around. 

Retired CPR instructor’s speedy response gives neighbour second chance at life

Enjoying the gentle busyness retirement has to offer, Heather Dewar, former CPR instructor of more than 25 years, went about her day like any other. Then, when her neighbour collapsed, Heather’s years of experience told her exactly what she needed to do next.

Teaching kids how to act in emergencies

When six-year-old Jaycee's mom became unconscious, Jaycee knew how to call 911 for help. Her story shows how real-world scenarios often call on children to respond to challenges. Here’s how to help them be ready like Jaycee.

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