Corporate volunteering: working together to create interconnected communities in Canada

The impact of our volunteers at Canadian Red Cross is immeasurable and the creative ways in which volunteers give back is continually awe-inspiring. This year, National Volunteer Week celebrates how we all work together, with individual and collective actions, to create strong, interconnected and vibrant communities.
 Volunteer helping someone in need
Without our volunteers, the Canadian Red Cross wouldn’t be able to provide the depth and breadth of services to our communities. Volunteering weaves us together, strengthening the fabric of our community by sharing our time, talent and energy to support one another.
One area we’re seeing a large amount of success is with corporate partners – teams of colleagues working together on impactful projects like mapping, to help vulnerable communities be recognized on a map in times of emergencies or helping in our warehouse to pack critical supplies.
See how these company teams are getting involved on-the-ground:

Definity & Motorola for Mapathons 


For the past five years, Motorola has supported our Missing Maps program, positively impacting communities by making them more accessible, therefore allowing first responders to respond more quickly during emergencies.
The program also provides technical skills to volunteers through their GIS and data analysis training. The Missing Maps approach to creating map information with communities involves remote volunteers who trace satellite imagery and local volunteers who add local knowledge to the map.
As part of the program, 10 to 20 Mapathons are conducted annually, training approximately 250 new mappers yearly. With the support from Motorola, we are able to collaborate with international Missing Maps members on providing up-to-date documentation, such as mapping guides which support mapping endeavours locally and internationally.
“Motorola Solutions has held Canada-wide employee Mapathons for five years and counting. Through our Mapathons, the Motorola Solutions team sees a glimpse of the essential humanitarian work being done by organizations like the Canadian Red Cross,” says Mike Martin, President of Motorola Solutions Canada. “We are thankful to be joining forces with the Canadian Red Cross on this life saving activity that impacts people and places around the world”.
In 2022, Definity participated in six Mapathon sessions, supporting projects in Mozambique, Chad, Mauritania, Zambia, Madagascar, and Durban City, South Africa, contributing 12 hours of mapping, with 95 mappers and 14,780 buildings mapped. Definity continues to set records for most buildings mapped during a Mapathon.
“I really enjoy working as a group towards a common goal of helping the Canadian Red Cross with their emergency preparedness in remote areas of the world. As a bonus, it’s rather therapeutic once you get in the groove,” says Susan Stirrup, Communications Specialist at Definity.
“I love that there is a team of employees across the company working towards a common goal and we can use our computer skills for something positive. It’s also cool that you can see the results of your work in real time as the previously empty map fills up,” adds Denys Elliott, Data Scientist at Definity.

Honda Employee supporting Canadian Red Cross

Honda Canada Foundation for Logistics Day in Montreal

On January 25, we welcomed 15 Honda Canada volunteer employees to the Montreal warehouse. This logistics mobilization was an important preparation activity. With excellent team spirit, 432 camp beds have been reformatted, ready for the next emergency operation.

“I am thrilled to have answered the call and participated in the Red Cross volunteer activity,” says Julie Gelinas of Honda. “It has been a fulfilling experience to spend the day knowing that our efforts will go a long way in assisting our community during times of need. Honda Canada Eastern Zone is an outstanding group of people to work with – we put in a lot of hard work while enjoying the day with plenty of laughs. I have gained a deeper appreciation for the tireless work done by the Red Cross and its volunteers.

“Thank you to both the Red Cross and Honda Canada for giving me the opportunity to make a difference.”

Canadian Red Cross thanks all its volunteers for their willingness to give their time and service to helping others in a wide variety of settings and situations. We appreciate all you do.
If you’re interested in becoming a corporate partner or learning more about how your company can support the Canadian Red Cross, reach out to to learn more.


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