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Disaster Dining – coming to a Walmart store near you

If you are a frequent follower of this blog, you know how much we like to talk about dining solutions for disaster situations. This month, the Canadian Red Cross along with select Walmart stores across Canada will be hosting disaster dining ch...

CD wants to bring hope to Haiti

Following the earthquake in Haiti, many groups of concerned individuals have started fundraising initiatives in support of Red Cross relief and recovery efforts. I want to introduce you to one of these projects: “Hope for Haiti CD”. The artist on ...

Meeting some of the Red Cross faces in Northern Ontario

On May 1, the Canadian Red Cross Northern Ontario AGM took place in Sudbury. An area of 802,378.67 km2 , with many communities in very remote areas, this area has a set of challenges very different from the rest of the province. The Red Cross has ...

Celebrating World Malaria Day: Special guest blog

Guest blog by Namugenyi Kiwanuka.
A few years ago, I contracted malaria in Sierra Leone. I came face to face with the realities of what it’s like to seek treatment for this deadly and common illness. Even though I had access to the bes...

Pull a net over your avatar

If you haven't already seen it, check out this cool app that allows you to put a net over your Facebook avatar to show your support for World Malaria Day. bites.

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The purpose of this blog, quite simply, is to talk. This blog is an opportunity for Red Cross staff, volunteers, supporters and friends to share stories about what is happening in your community and the important work you are doing. It is a tool that will help keep all of us connected.

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