Holiday Gift Guide: Practical gifts that will help

While many Canadians are hunting for the perfect holiday gifts for those they care about, the Canadian Red Cross Holiday Gift Guide offers many thoughtful and practical gift options that can easily be ordered online from our e-Shop.
Protecting people we care about never goes out of season. This year, give the gift of safety with any of these first aid kits – for the home and the whole family, for the car, for outdoor adventures and trips, and even as a stocking stuffer. When we consider the resilience of those impacted by back-to-back disasters in British Columbia, there could be no greater gift than helping provide safety and security to fellow Canadians. Consider donating in a loved one’s name, or on behalf of your family.
Our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide featuring gifts that will help others today and in the future. Kits that suit many scenarios and lifestyles are available now – and, for a limited time only, you can receive a discount of 33% on our first aid kits in our e-Shop when using promo code RCSHOP2021.
Thinking of others is also a gift to yourself!

A house demolished by flood waters in British ColumbiaQuadruple your dollar for B.C.

By donating to our British Columbia & Extreme Weather appeal, your support goes directly to communities in B.C. devastated by recent weather. Whether it is providing support now with emergency assistance or in the future as communities continue to recover in the weeks and months ahead, your donation will help; it will enable the Red Cross to carry out relief, recovery, resiliency and risk reduction activities in and beyond the region at the individual and community levels.

Every $1 becomes $4

Donate now and, up until December 26, your donation will be quadrupled through matches offered by the Government of Canada, the Government of British Columbia and the George Hutchison Family Foundation.

A man lifting boxes of supplies from a white vanGive the gift of survival with a Red Cross survival kit

When disasters drive Canadians from their communities, when the pandemic leaves people isolated, when families around the world need urgent care, our teams are there, and your gift makes it all possible.

Tell us how much you'd like to donate, and we'll build a survival kit that helps people in need across Canada and around the world.

Find out how your donation makes an impact with a Red Cross Survival Kit.

A roadside Red Cross first aid kit open with contents laid outFirst Aid Kits for the road

Whether you’re driving past one, or find yourself impacted by one, we all know how often and easily emergencies happen on the road. When driving, it’s always best to be prepared and the Auto First Aid Kit will equip you for a roadside emergency.

With this practical kit, you’ll be able to respond and help treat wounds, minor or major. The 12-hour glow stick and SOS road sign also included are vital tools in getting assistance in an accident. Consider giving loved ones – or yourself – peace of mind when driving, now for just $23.99.

A Deluxe First Aid kit open to display its contents

Deluxe First Aid Kit

Named “deluxe” because it has it all, the Deluxe First Aid Kit is stocked with the necessary tools to offer you first aid solutions for many everyday scenarios.

Containing core first aid supplies, such as nitrile gloves, an instant cold pack, a triangular bandage, and gauze pads, there are also many innovative features to this kit, including the new Quick Bandage™. You simply pull the bandage from the tab and it removes the lining for quick and easy placement.

It also has a reflective strip on the kit itself, making it easier to locate during an emergency. You would also be prepared with a 12-hour glow stick, as over 60% of accidents occur in the dark. The most important aspects of a first aid kit are the protective barriers for CPR.

Now on sale for $59.49!

A family first aid kit with contents displayedDeluxe Family Preparation Kit

 A gift that considers the emergency needs of the whole family, the Deluxe Family Preparation Kit offers an all-in-one bundle for all the first aid and personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies you need. With this kit, you will be able to treat bleeding, burns, sprains and strains, eye emergencies, small wounds and environmental emergencies, and stay protected from COVID-19. Masks meet the latest recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Canada as their construction includes three layers, one of which is a filter. Get it now, until December 31, for $140.34!

A personal first aid kit open with supplies displayedStocking stuffer idea!

The Personal First Aid Kit is ideal for your daily needs and excursions – at home, at work, your vehicle, in the outdoors or on your next adventure.

Now on sale for $5.27, this handy kit is lightweight, comes in a waterproof pouch, and is stocked to meet your needs for minor wounds, including burns and stings.

This kit also includes our Quick Access Bandage so you will not have to fumble with opening a bandage when you really need one.

The Canadian Red Cross Pictograph Booklet is included, giving you at-a-glance guidance to educate you about what to do for common medical emergencies you might encounter.

Ready to order a truly helpful gift?

There’s still time to order a thoughtful gift that helps prepare and protect the people you care about. Get your orders in quickly to ensure delivery ahead of the holidays! Our promo code is valid until December 31, 2021 on the Canadian Red Cross eShop.
Finally, until December 26, 2021, all donations to the British Columbia Flooding and Extreme Weather appeal will be matched by the federal and provincial governments, as well as the George Hutchison Family Foundation, quadrupling your contribution to help even more Canadians in need.
Happy, and safe, holidays to you and yours!

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