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Tech Talk: Should video games reflect rules of war?

Starting this December, video game players may see some changes to the depiction of war in video games due to a partnership between video game developers and the Red Cross. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) have been considering whe...

Dogs "retrieve" first aid info from app

It was a beautiful day.  My master and I had just finished a hike and we were famished. So, we dropped into a local restaurant and he ordered a burrito with lots of guacamole, refried beans and brown rice; great protein meal for refueling. I got some...

Tech Talk: World Disasters Report focusing on technology and humanitarian action

Technology and the future of humanitarian action is the focus of this year’s World Disasters Report being released by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC) today. We’ll be sharing some of the findings of this report in ...

Tech Talk: Twitter launches alerts service

Recently, Twitter announced a new 'Alerts' program that allows local, national, and international agencies like emergency management officials, law enforcement, public safety agencies and organizations that provide emergency relief such as the Red Cr...

Tech Talk: Kenya Red Cross uses social media in emergencies

There is no national emergency number like 911 in Kenya and no national disaster plan. Emergency services are notoriously unresponsive and slow to react. Instead, organizations like the Kenya Red Cross use social media to spread information and coord...

Infographic: Humanitarian crisis in Syria

Join us for a Twitter chat using hashtag #CRCSyria to learn more about the Syrian crisis on Thursday, October 3 at noon ET.

Photo of the Day: Celebrating World First Aid Day

As we prepare to mark World First Aid Day tomorrow, we wanted to share how important it is for everyone to have proper training. Take a look at our Red Cross friends from South Sudan in the photo above. Seventeen Red Cross volunteers participated...

Red Cross puts life-saving help in your pocket

The Canadian Red Cross today took a giant leap into the mobile world, launching its first-ever mobile app. The app is ground-breaking for us, but more importantly, it can save your life. The official Canadian Red Cross First Aid App, a free download ...

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