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Photo Tuesday: Celebrating past Red Cross women leaders

Every Tuesday, we publish a photo to show Red Cross at work across the country or around the world. Do you have a photo to share? Let us know!Recently, we celebrated women leaders involved with the Canadian Red Cross at the launch of our Tiffany Circ...

Do you have any Red Cross pins? Send us a photo!

[slideshow] During a recent visit to Sault Ste. Marie, I met a local volunteer, Jean Wyatt, who showed me her Red Cross pin collection. She has been involved with the Red Cross for more than a decade - both as a client and volunteer. She was de...

Discovering a Red Cross treasure

When we normally clean out our closets, we tend to find items we think are junk:  perhaps old smelly shoes; that blender that stopped working five months ago; that one birthday gift you’ve been meaning to regift etc. But, when Judy Hawley of Calga...

Remembering the man with the vision

Today marks the 100 years since the passing of Henry Dunant, the founder of the Red Cross movement. As we saw earlier this week, Mr. Dunant sure had a wicked-awesome  beard. But, what are some other noteworthy facts about this Swiss businessman an...

Go Dunant yourself, seriously

Has anyone ever told you that you look vaguely like Red Cross Movement founder Henry Dunant?  Have you wondered if that actually is the case? Our friends at the Austrian Red Cross have come up with a solution. To commemorate the 100 years since th...

Gift idea #2: Gifts for the shutterbug dad

Is your dad a shutterbug? Or maybe a war history enthusiast? Check out this picture book from the Red Cross, Humanity in War, showing 150 years of the Red Cross. The photos are incredible.

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