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Heroes among us: Volunteers during local disasters

When looking at a map of Northern Saskatchewan, you’ll notice the roads are few and far between. It’s easy to wonder, how do people get help promptly during times of need? The answer is through the dedicated volunteers locally placed throughout the community who spring into action when duty calls.

How Danielle honours those who never came home from residential schools: Setting the children free

Learn how Danielle Robinson uses her art to help her and those around her navigate their feelings through the current events impacting Indigenous Peoples in Canada this last year. The Canadian Red Cross Society is honoured that Indigenous people such as Danielle Robinson choose to avail their expertise to our humanitarian objectives.

Indigenous Swimming and Water Safety program expands in Alberta

The pandemic provided opportunities for program instructors to innovate and expand delivery of water safety and injury prevention courses in Indigenous communities, says Kailee Berezowski, a program coordinator for the Canadian Red Cross Indigenous Swimming and Water Safety program in Alberta.

Resources for National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

For the Canadian Red Cross, acknowledging the new national holiday is more than a commitment to reconciliation, it is an opportunity for all of us to deepen our understanding of the events and experiences that contribute towards disparities in the lives of Indigenous Peoples and deepen our understanding of Indigenous cultural strength.

Tribal Council in Saskatchewan trains local first responders

First responders have advanced first aid training which allows them to stabilize a patient until emergency medical services (EMS) arrives. In rural and remote communities where EMS can be hours away, having local first responders on the scene can mean the difference between life and death.

Red Cross provides wellness supports for Manitobans evacuated due to wildfires

Sharla Kojima is a safety and wellbeing responder on deployment with the Canadian Red Cross in Manitoba working with First Nation members evacuated to Winnipeg because of air quality concerns due to wildfires. Her help has been very appreciated by those impacted, as shown in this comment card.

Working together to slow a COVID outbreak in Iqaluit

As a COVID-19 outbreak in late April and early May 2021 impacted Iqaluit, Mayor Kenny Bell knew that help was needed. The Canadian Red Cross was brought to Iqaluit in mid-May to provide additional support to a homeless shelter in the city but, by the time the team left, they had also done Epidemic Prevention and Control (EPC) assessments for 13 organizations across the city. 

From Trenton to Operation Remote Immunity: Red Cross Worker Shares his Journey in Public Health Nursing

When Sarnia-based George Rudanycz retired after 38 years of critical care nursing in 2019, he believed that his most hectic days were behind him. Today, George is grateful to say he is busier than ever.

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