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More clues about Muggins, the amazing Red Cross dog

Last month, we told the story of Muggins, the famous Canadian Red Cross fundraising dog from Victoria, British Columbia.
During the First World War, he raised more than $21,000 (about $400,000 now), just trotting around town alone with two donation boxes on his back. He often visited ferries and freightliners arriving in Victoria, and grew so famous that overseas visitors would ask for the little white Spitz dog. When Muggins eventually died in 1920, his body was preserved by a professional taxidermist, and that is where the story seemed to end last time. But now we’ve uncovered more clues!

Celebrating 75 years of care in remote areas in British Columbia

Last month, the coastal town of Bamfield, B.C. celebrated the 75th anniversary of the founding of its outpost hospital, a Red Cross facility that was established on September 7, 1939, just at the beginning of the Second World War. The Red Cross had opened 90 of these remote facilities across Canada to meet the needs of remote and emerging communities.

It all started in the back of a station wagon...

Fifty years ago today, the Canadian Red Cross established the first Meals on Wheels program in Canada. The program started in Brantford Ontario after resident Elsie Matthews approached the Red Cross with the idea to replicate a unique program ...

Remembering Canadian Red Cross Volunteers in WWII

This Remembrance Day we're remembering the Canadian Red Cross volunteers who helped with the Food Parcel Effort. Throughout World War II, over one million Canadian Red Cross volunteers helped with the food parcel effort by assembling, packaging and s...

Photo of the Day: Retro Swim Badges

We're taking a trip down memory lane and looking at some retro Red Cross swim badges. The badges signify the completion of a level of Red Cross swimming courses. The blue badge pictured on the top right is the newest example of the badges given t...

Celebrating contributions of women at the Canadian Red Cross

On International Women’s Day, we thought it would be fitting to share a few examples of the significant contribution of women at the Canadian Red Cross. Looking back throughout our history, women have always played an important role. During World Wa...

Collecting badges and learning to swim

We spotted this fellow blogger reminiscing about the Canadian Red Cross swim program online and thought we'd share his post. We're glad he kept his mementoes! Do you remember the badges you received while learning to swim? Clarke’s PoolFebruary 20, ...

Food Friday: The Red Cross Cookbook

*Every Friday is all about food on Red Cross Talks – everything from Red Cross inspired recipes to emergency food tips and solutionsWe recently found out about this cookbook from the Aurora, ON Historical Society. It was compiled by the ladies of the...

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