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Winter is coming and he has company: Are you ready?

Winter is just around the corner. Time to grab some hot chocolate and warm up by the fire. Get your jackets, scarfs, gloves, and boots ready because it is going to be a frosty one! Unfortunately, winter isn’t coming alone. He is bringing his uninvited friend: the dreaded winter storm. It can strike at any time and last for days. Are you prepared if one blows your way? Learn the following tips to stay safe during a winter storm.

Missing Maps: Aviva Mapathon

Aviva Canada recently hosted its third mapathon as part of the Missing Maps project, where participants, including staff from Aviva and Red Cross, spent part of a day mapping remote Canadian communities. By mapping out the locations of buildings, houses and roads in vulnerable communities, the Missing Maps project can identify potential hazards and possible evacuation routes. This ultimately strengthens these communities in the event of a natural disaster.

Comfort at any age

Recently, Red Cross provided assistance to a family in Saskatchewan who survived a catastrophic house fire. The family was barbecuing on their deck. The son stepped out to check on dinner but hesitated when he reached the grill. The barbecue seemed far too hot, so he returned to the kitchen to fetch some oven mitts. Just as he crossed the threshold, the propane tank exploded.

Recovering from the tornado, with help from Red Cross

Shawn Gervais and his family received two alerts on their cell phones before the tornado hit – one warned them of high winds, the next one told them to take shelter immediately. Now the family is recovering from the disaster, with help from the Canadian Red Cross. 

You asked, we answered: How Red Cross helps in disasters

Many of you come to us during disasters with offers of support and donations, but also with questions about how the Red Cross helps in the immediate aftermath of an emergency. We hope this information will help in understanding what type of assistance we provide.

What type of volunteer are you?

Find out what type of volunteering position you would be great for and join the largest humanitarian organization in the world. We have tons of interesting opportunities available, find out which one would be ideal for you! 

Dispatch from a Canadian aid worker at the Red Cross field hospital near Cox’s Bazar

Tamara Begin, a medical logistician from Canada, shares her experience working at the Red Cross Red Crescent field hospital near Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. The field hospital opened one year ago, to provide health care to the more than 700,000 people who fled violence in neighbouring Myanmar. 

A donation goes a long way: Reflecting 5 years after Typhoon Haiyan

Red Crosser Joanne Abshire looks back on Typhoon Haiyan, and how she chose to help following the disaster. Now a member of the Red Cross, Joanne looks at how we are still working in the Philippines. 

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