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Welcome home! Red Cross supports Canadians returning from Wuhan, China

As the first travellers entered the airplane hangar at Canadian Forces Base Trenton, weary after more than 30 hours of travel and many days of isolation in Wuhan, China, they were greeted with a standing ovation from the assembled teams of Government of Canada and Canadian Red Cross personnel.

Fluffy recruits provide comfort during times of emergency

A fluffy friend in a time of need! Read how Red Cross teddy bears make a difference during disasters and emergencies. 

International Day Against the Use of Child Soldiers: What can be done

February 12th is the International Day Against the Use of Child Soldiers. Around the world, children are associated with, and used during, armed conflict with devastating effects on both the child and society. A child associated with armed conflict is not limited to children who engage in the fighting, as children are often used by parties to a conflict as cooks, messengers, and/or for sexual purposes. Many armed groups specifically recruit or capture children because they are easy to physically and mentally control.

How the Red Cross is helping Canadians returning from Wuhan

On February 7, Canadians returned from China and arrived at CFB Trenton. They left from Wuhan China, following an outbreak of novel coronavirus. For 14 days after their arrival, they will be in isolation in a temporary lodging site to be monitored for any symptoms before they continue home. The Canadian Red Cross is on the ground, providing support.

Why misinformation spreads in emergencies and how to stop it

In the early days of any emergency, whether it’s a new virus, wildfires or flooding, we frequently see a surge of inaccurate, misleading or at times blatantly false information circulating on social media and through word of mouth. Why is that? Where does this misinformation come from and what impact does it have on those trying to respond to the emergency?

Services offering help and hope when in an unfamiliar country

Imagine arriving to a new country without knowing anyone, not speaking the language or knowing how to access the services you may need. This is the situation for many refugees worldwide. To address this need, the Canadian Red Cross established a program called First Contact in 2001. First Contact helps by giving refugees access to information about emergency shelter, social services, legal and health services.

Disaster prep on a budget

It’s easy to tell people to have a kit ready for a disaster, but that doesn’t mean it’s always simple for people to put them together. Purchasing all the items you need for you and your family to be ready for three days can seem expensive – but it is worth it! Here is how to get your kit ready without blowing your budget.

Saskatchewan company leads the way in offering psychological first aid training for employees

Read how a company in Saskatchewan is providing mental health tools for employees. 

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