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With disasters on the rise, how can we plan for a safer year?

As disasters become more common across Canada, Canadian Red Cross President and CEO Conrad SauvĂ© shares how we can learn from 2018 to plan for 2019. 

In photos: Distributing essential food and items in Ethiopia

Conflict has forced roughly 2.4 million people to flee their homes in communities across Ethiopia in 2018 alone. The Canadian Red Cross, along with the Swiss and Danish Red Cross, is supporting the Ethiopian Red Cross to distribute food and household items to families affected by the conflict.

How to make an emergency kit for your car

With winter in full force now, many of us have been reminded of just how important it is to be prepared for rough weather. A great way to be prepared is to have an emergency kit ready to go in your car. Here are some items to include, let us know what you put in yours. 

Reducing mental health stigma, responding to mental health crisis

When many of us think of first aid, we picture bandages and CPR - but first aid isn't just a life-saving and harm-reducing intervention for physical injuries. This is where psycholigcal first aid comes in, responding to mental health crisis, and helping to reduce the stigma around mental health. 

How an 11 year old in Mali saved two lives

Fishermen can easily be spotted out on the water, and closer to the shore, people digging in sand are shovelling away at the riverbed. Sekou Menta and his father are among them. Nearby, the women are doing laundry. Beside them, children are playing in the water.  Suddenly, their giggles turn to screams. The current has just swept two of them away.

Cyberbullying: is your home as safe as you think?

Even though colder months keep kids indoors more frequently, it’s still important to wonder where they are. Even though kids are home, most homes have access to the Internet, increasing the threat of online risks such as cyberbullying. Even inside a home, a youth can feel harassed, threatened and bullied as cyberbullying can be done anonymously and done across all social media and other online platforms.

Why winter is a great time to learn to swim

As many of us Canadians are experiencing, winter months can be cold, icy and snowy – and all we want to do is bundle up and stay warm.  A natural tendency, for sure, but did you know wintertime is a great time to learn how to swim? Here's why.

Great Canadian hacks for winter

We are Canadians; we know how to handle cold winters – and even enjoy the snow, ice and other winter activities! Whether learned from parents, friends or the experience of several winter seasons, we’ve compiled some clever winter hacks to help keep you safe and warm through our coldest months.

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