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20 things to try in 2020

Call it resolutions, call it ways to better prepare for a new year, call it 20 things to do in 2020. Take a look at this list of things we think you should do – whether to better prepare yourself, for emergency situations, or to help others, tackling this list would make for a great New Year ahead!

And, for each month in the New Year, we have a list of Top 20 actions for 2020, to keep you safe and better prepared!

If you resolve to do any, or all, of these items, we think you would be on the road to a great year – Happy New Year!

Try new things in the New Year; here are our suggestions.
  1. Learn first aid
  2. Download our First Aid app
  3. Become a volunteer
  4. Have an emergency kit
  5. Check your fire alarms
  6. Have an emergency kit for your car
  7. Learn about the risks in your community
  8. Have a family plan or evacuation route
  9. Take care of yourself by learning self-care
  10. Learn about International Humanitarian Law
  11. Be kind and teach kids how to be kind to each other
  12. Prepare for flooding in your home
  13. Safeguard your home against fire
  14. Be a donor
  15. Learn how to swim – winter is a great time to learn how to swim and if you’re an adult and want to learn, it’s never too late!
  16. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for fun and interesting videos, like First Aid on the Street.
  17. Learn about GBV and how we’re addressing it around the world.
  18. Download the BeReady app for access to practical and useful information for a range of disasters. In-app information is available anytime, anywhere, even without reception or an internet connection.
  19. Learn how we help in a disaster.
  20. Check on neighbours or loved ones, particularly after weather storms or holidays.
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