Top 10 stories from 2019

As this year comes to an end, we are reviewing the stories that were the most popular in 2019. Take a look at the blog posts that captured readers’ attention this year, from inspiring stories to helpful advice about staying safe.
Here are the top 10 stories from our blog in 2019:
  1. Great Canadian Hacks for Winter – it shouldn’t be any surprise that this story, providing tips to survive and thrive despite our cold winters, hit the mark.
  2. Mothers' love in Ethiopia was one of our top stories from 2019A Mother’s Love Knows No Boundaries: Stories from Ethiopia – with millions of people fleeing their homes in Ethiopia due to conflict, this story highlights a mother’s love in providing for her children in difficult times.
  3. Be Ready for Flooding Checklist – with flooding a common occurrence in Canada, it’s no wonder this piece was one of the most popular this year with tips on how to prepare your home and ready your family for flooding.
  4. How Volunteering Can Get You Your Dream Job – we’ve long extolled the benefits of volunteering, from helping those in need to building new skills and relationships, but this story showcases many benefits of volunteering, including building a spectacular resume.
  5. Mozambique Field Hospital Opens Malaria Treatment Centre – showing how much Canadians care and want to help during international emergencies, this story describes the work of the Red Cross to help people affected by Cyclone Idai in Mozambique earlier in the year.
  6. What Does Drowning Look and Sound Like – we’re glad this one was a popular story this past summer, as drowning is often depicted as loud and splashy. This blog outlines what drowning actually looks and sounds like, outside of how it’s depicted in movies and television, and it’s good to know the differences.
  7. 5 Reasons Why Adult Swim Lessons are Beneficial – this story illustrates how learning to swim is beneficial at any age! Whether you’re an adult with little or no experience or training for a triathlon, we have swim programs to improve your water skills.
  8. Prepping for storms and hurricanes with technology – When Hurricane Dorian was making its way up the Atlantic coast after causing devastation in the Bahamas, many Atlantic Canadians were stocking up on essentials. We wanted to ensure the tech tools featured in this story were part of preparations to not only help you stay on top of storm updates, but also to help prepare for any emergency.
  9. Tips to help you manage stress this holiday season – it is common to encounter stressful times during the holiday season so we’re not surprised this was a popular story around Thanksgiving as the kickoff to the holiday season for many people.
  10. How to heat your home safely – with our cold Canadian winters, we thought it was a good idea to provide tips on how to heat your home safely since heating equipment such as portable space heaters are the leading cause of home fires. We’re glad you thought so, too!
Thank you to our loyal blog readers for following our stories all year round. And a special thank you to our volunteers and staff who make the work we do possible!
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