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Swimming and water safety: Never too late to learn

We’re feeling pretty inspired by Team Canada in Rio to practice our swimming - and just because we’re not training to be Olympians doesn’t mean it’s a waste of time training in a pool. When we think of swimming lessons a lot of us immediately think of little kids splashing around – but what about teens and adults who are ready to pick up or improve their water skills?

Millions of Canadians have learned to swim with Red Cross swimming programs since 1946 – and they aren’t just kids. We know old dogs are more than capable of learning new tricks, and that’s why there’s no age limit to who can learn how to swim.

Why learn swimming now?  Being a confident swimmer is very important for water safety. Being comfortable in the water is helpful not only for recreational swimming, but also during emergencies.
While there is more to water safety than just being a great swimmer, it’s an incredibly important part! The other great thing about being a confident swimmer is it sets a great example for the little ones in your life who are learning how to be safe around water.

Don’t forget, swimming is also a great workout, plus it’s low impact, making it a great exercise option. 
Are you interested in learning to swim, or improving your skills in the water? Find a class in your area on our website
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