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Tech Talk: The City of Jacksonville prepared for hurricane season with a new app

The City of Jacksonville has launched their first mobile application to keep local residents informed and help them prepare for emergencies in their city. The app, called JaxReady, was developed by the city at no cost to taxpayers and is offered ...

Tech Talk: Training cockroaches as first responders

Did you know that cockroaches can help people survive disasters? According to ABC News, cockroaches, with their small armoured bodies, have an uncanny skill to survive any disaster, and researchers at North Carolina State University are hoping to c...

Tech Talk: Volunteer Spotlight - Tim Burrows

Meet the newest ambassador to the Canadian Red Cross Social Media Team, Tim Burrows. Tim is a sergeant with the Toronto Police Service and has been leading that organization's social media efforts. Tim has been a long-time supporter to the Red Cross...

Tech Talk: More Americans using mobile apps

According to a new study by the American Red Cross, more Americans are choosing mobile apps to help them in times of emergencies. The Red Cross has introduced apps for shelter locations, first aid tips and instruction and hurricane preparedness, ...

Tech Talk: Preparing Haitians for TS Isaac with SMS

Next to radio, SMS is one of the best ways to reach people in Haiti. So when it became clear that Tropical Storm Isaac was heading toward the small Caribbean island nation this past weekend, the Red Cross began sending out text messages. Haiti is th...

Tech Talk: Volunteer Spotlight

Meet one of our volunteers Joallore Alon. Joallore volunteers with the Red Cross, however he holds a volunteer position that most people are probably not familiar with. He is a member of the Canadian Red Cross Twitter Team – a group of keen Twitter u...

Emergency responders prepare for winter with new jackets

It’s still summer, we know, but our emergency responders are already prepared for winter, thanks to a generous donation of Red Cross winter jackets. During last winter's Attawapiskat response, volunteers across Ontario were more than willing to he...

What the British Red Cross is up to during Olympics

Check out this great infographic from the British Red Cross to see what Red Crossers are doing during the Olympics (besides cheering on their athletes!) @

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