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Rainbow marks powerful moment at a camp in Bangladesh

Sandra Damota, a Canadian psychosocial worker currently in Bangladesh, shares some of her experiences working as a member of an international Red Cross team helping thousands living in camps in Bangladesh after fleeing their homes due to violence in Myanmar.

"That [photo] was actually a really powerful moment as we prepared to support the Canadian mobile health team with the arrival of about 2,500 refugees into the transit camp from the border."

Coping with crisis

Those who experience crisis situations are very likely to experience extreme stress – this is entirely normal. However, extreme stress can seriously affect your health and daily life. Here are some tips to help cope with stress.

Psychosocial support critical after Hurricane Matthew

“Every day I see children suffering from the after-effects of having lost their homes or close family members,” said Emilie Gauthier-Paré. Psychosocial delegate with the Canadian Red Cross in Haiti, Émilie is a member of the mobile health clinic team making daily visits to remote villages of Grande Anse in the southwest of the country that was devastated by Hurricane Matthew.

Psychosocial support: Building resilience after trauma

The Canadian Red Cross is known for providing emergency medical care after international disasters. What tends to be less known are the other kinds of support the Red Cross provides to those who may not be physically injured, but still require assistance. 

Laurence Lépine: Providing psychological first aid in Alberta

Canadian Red Cross volunteer Laurence Lépine is a member of the Safety and Well Being Team working at the Welcome Centres in Fort McMurray. Members of the team have expertise in psychological first aid and assist people under stress in disaster situations. In Fort McMurray, Laurence assists people who have been under mandatory evacuation orders and are returning to homes that may have been damaged or destroyed by the wildfires that ravaged many areas of the northern Alberta community.

Coping with Crisis: expected reactions to abnormal events

When a disaster like wildfires hits, it puts a lot of stress on those who are impacted. Those who live through crisis situations are very likely to experience extreme stress, and it’s important to remember that this reaction is entirely normal. Recovering from these feelings can take a long time but there are some ways that may help you cope.

In video: Talking about mental health and first aid

We took a moment to talk to some mental health advocates about the importance of integrating mental health into first aid. 

Mental health: New program using first aid to stop stigma and silence

When we see someone experiencing a medical emergency we know first aid can be a life-saving measure, but what if we saw someone experiencing a mental health emergency such as depression or suicidal behaviour?

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