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Saskatchewan wildfires: thank you

Thank you for helping us assist over 10,000 people evacuated from their homes in response to wildfires in northern Saskatchewan. 

​Finding support and hospitality away from home

Gary Tinker did not know what to expect when he arrived at the Evraz shelter on July 1. He and his family had just spent nine hours on a bus ride from Pinehouse, Saskatchewan. Like the 1,500 residents from his community, he was given little time pack before leaving.

Keeping smiles on kids' faces: Red Cross volunteers entertain children at shelters for evacuated people

Red Cross volunteer Fabrice Vanhoutte loves putting a smile on children’s faces. So, he has plenty of tricks up his sleeve for the young people in a Saskatoon shelter.
“If I see a kid who is upset, I don’t necessarily go right up to them but I stay nearby and play my mouth organ or start showing a card trick,” says Vanhoutte.

Going home: an exciting day for evacuated people

It’s an exciting time for some of the people evacuated by the Saskatchewan wildfires who get to return to their communities. There are plenty of smiles as they board buses on their way back home. Most have mentioned looking forward to sleeping in their own beds; others are excited to see their pets.

Far from home among friends: Red Cross volunteers come from across Canada to help in Saskatchewan

Lynn MacLeod didn’t worry when she volunteered to fly across the country to help people affected by the Saskatchewan wildfires. She knew that she was well-prepared.

“I’m so happy for all of our Red Cross training! It means I can go anywhere in the country and know how to help,” says MacLeod, who is from Prince Edward Island.

A safe place to sleep: People evacuated during the Saskatchewan wildfires say thanks

Selena and her son, Jade, were visiting Prince Albert when they heard people at home in Air Ronge were evacuating because wildfires and heavy smoke threatened their community.
The news meant they couldn't return home, not even for a toothbrush, Selena recalls.
Instead, along with their neighbours in northern Saskatchewan, many headed to one of seven shelters operated by Red Cross on behalf of the provincial government. Selena and Jade are staying at the Saskatoon shelter. They say they're thankful that they have everything they need now.


Helping people separated by the Saskatchewan wildfires find each other

Getting separated from family during the confusion of a disaster is one of the most frightening things that can happen to people. That's why the role performed during the Saskatchewan wildfires by Red Cross volunteer Barb MacLean is so important.

Volunteers assisting with large-scale Saskatchewan evacuation

More than 150 Canadian Red Cross volunteers and staff from the Prairies and other parts of Canada have been mobilized to assist thousands of people who had to evacuate their homes in Northern Saskatchewan as a result of fires. 

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