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Janis Mack helping people transition from hospital to home in B.C.

Eight years ago, Janis Mack retired from her 42-year career as a pharmacist and began volunteering with the Red Cross Health Equipment Loan Program (HELP) in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. HELP provides community healthcare equipment loan services in 75 locations across B.C. and Yukon to people recovering from illness or injury or wanting to spend their final days at home.

Ian Dalsin: Volunteering to get out from behind a computer

Ian Dalsin works with computers for a living, so when he was looking for a volunteer role, he wanted something more hands on.
“I often get stuck behind a screen for extended periods of time,” says the Edmonton-based IT consultant. “It’s nice to be able to step out and deal with people face to face.”

From fires to floods: Military veteran continues to serve personal disaster assistance in Ontario

A four decades-long military career taught Bernard St-Laurent the importance of service to others. Since retiring from the military eleven years ago, Bernard has shifted his focus to volunteering with the Canadian Red Cross. Bernard says he has witnessed firsthand the power of the Red Cross, at home and abroad, to help people and communities in times of need.

Volunteering: giving a little or a lot all makes a difference

Being part of the Canadian Red Cross Friendly Phone Program in Saskatchewan isn’t about talking on the phone, says long-time volunteer Brad Hebert.
 “I don’t really talk on the phone a lot,” he thought when he first considered volunteering for the program. “But what I found out was that you don’t need to be a good talker; you need to be a good listener.”

"Helping a whole community": what it's like volunteering in St John's

Meet Igor, a volunteer for the Red Cross Meals on Wheels program in St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador.

“Follow my voice” - Chantale Bilodeau’s story

After nearly losing her life in a fire and helplessly looking on as a man died of a heart attack, Chantale Bilodeau began volunteering with the Red Cross. Chantale has spent the last 12 years working for the organization she cares so deeply about and is now sharing her remarkable story.

Remembering Ted Itani, dedicated humanitarian and Red Cross volunteer

This past week, Canadian Red Cross lost one of our long-time and beloved volunteers, Ted Itani. Throughout his life, Ted’s contributions to humanitarian work were truly extraordinary.

Alberta volunteers awarded prestigious honour

A dedicated emergency management volunteer, a passionate water safety instructor trainer and a loyal educator have received the highest award given by the Canadian Red Cross. The three Alberta volunteers were given the Order of Red Cross, which recognizes extraordinary people who have provided outstanding humanitarian service at home and abroad.

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