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New Canadian finds a way to give back to the country that welcomed him

After an arduous journey as an asylum seeker from Colombia via the U.S., Juan Andres Espinel says his first moments after crossing the border into Canada have shaped his new life ever since. This is how he went from migrant to volunteer.

Making a difference on the front line

Red Cross volunteer Jack McCaskill helped respond to the wildfires in British Columbia in 2017. Here, he shares his experiences as a front line volunteer, and how volunteering has developed his skillset.

Differences forge friendly calls friendship

Brought together by the Canadian Red Cross Friendly Calls program, Erma Crouse and Sasha Sadlemyer have forged a strong bond over their six months of weekly phone calls.
The differences between the pair are striking, making their shared connection even more special.

Denis Simard: The art of combining humanity and humility to support people in need

This July not only marks the 25th anniversary of the devastating Saguenay flood, but also 16 years of volunteer service for Denis Simard, a volunteer at the Fjord-du-Saguenay branch. 

Student association in support of the Red Cross: Preparing and inspiring the next generation

Wishing to get involved in their community, two Université Laval students decided to volunteer at the Canadian Red Cross. Audrey Simard and Élizabeth Collin-Paré came up with the idea to create the Association étudiante en soutien à la Croix-Rouge (Student Association in Support of the Red Cross). 

Finding purpose in service: Bobbi Montean, Red Cross Volunteer

“Be open. Be willing to try something you’ve never ever done before.”
Looking back on over 30 years of volunteering with the Canadian Red Cross, Bobbi Montean speaks from a wealth of experience.

Young volunteer makes a difference in communications and fundraising in Quebec

In a way, it was a desire to learn more about the Canadian Red Cross that led Dourrice Adamson to fill out her form in 2017 to work there as a volunteer. That first step marked the beginning of a great adventure that has been ongoing ever since!

"I enjoy helping people": Art Brown on why he volunteers

Art has been volunteering with us since 2017, and has been involved in numerous responses both within Manitoba and other parts of Canada.

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