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Gift Idea #7: Gifts for the adventurer

And for the adventurer dad, why not make him his own Camping Survival Kit? This kit could contain a thermal blanket, foot warmers, light sticks, and of course, any camper’s survival kit should include this manual for Wilderness and Remote First Aid.

Gift Idea #8: First Aid for any dad

What dad wouldn’t appreciate his own First Aid kit for his car? Here’s one from Red Cross.  Here is a list of other items that could be included in an emergency car kit.

Red Cross teaching sailors to say “ahoy!” to First Aid

A shipmate is not paying attention because of commotion on deck.  He steps back and falls into the cargo hold. He is conscious, but cannot get to his feet.  What do you do? The Red Cross is helping seafarers prepare for situations like these and m...

National Water Safety Week, special note about children

This week is National Water Safety Week and you’re going to be hearing us talk lots about it on this blog.  We’re especially asking moms and dads to take a second to read our messages because studies show that infants and toddlers aged 1-4 years h...

Making a fashion statement....with lifejackets!

[slideshow]Today is Red Cross National Lifejacket Day. Every year in the news, we hear of drowning deaths that could have been avoided if the person was wearing a life jacket. So what’s the deal? Why don’t people wear life jackets? I’m sure you...

Karma had nothing to do with it.

It's Red Cross National Lifejacket Day and we asked Women's Post Marie “Mings” Nicola (aka @karmacakedotca) to share with us her tales of sea squalls and lifejackets. Check out this guest blog: The time that I felt the most afraid was also the tim...

May long weekend + good weather = more boating!

The results are in! Red Cross National Lifejacket Day is coming on Thursday, just in time for the first long weekend of the summer season.  RedCrossTalk launched a poll on Twitter to find out whether you are putting on your life jacket. We’ll...

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