How the Red Cross is helping Canadians returning from Wuhan

Please visit our COVID-19 resource page for the most current information about Red Cross programs, support, and tips. 

On February 7, Canadians returned from China and arrived at CFB Trenton. They left from Wuhan China, following an outbreak of novel coronavirus. For 14 days after their arrival, they will be in isolation in a temporary lodging site to be monitored for any symptoms before they continue home. The Canadian Red Cross is on the ground, providing support.
Photo of teddy bear and blanket
We are helping to register individuals and families and get them settled for their stay. This includes things like providing information and resources as well as essential items like hygiene kits. For some families, this includes items like infant supplies, playpens and mobility aids.

For many, this has been a long, tiring and stressful journey and another way the Red Cross is assisting is through safety and well-being support. This support includes things like access to age-appropriate activities, wellness check, and referrals for mental health needs. We are also helping people contact their family members and with family reunification.

During an outbreak like this, it can be easy to lose sight of the people behind the numbers. The spread of misinformation also adds to this, making us afraid or confused about what is happening. While these individuals and families wait for their period of isolation to end, the Canadian Red Cross will be there to provide support.
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