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Red Cross responders share B.C. Fires experiences: Being able to provide this support is just a beautiful thing to do

Since the start of this year’s wildfires season in British Columbia in mid-June, more than 1,600 wildfires were recorded in the province, forcing thousands of people to evacuate their homes throughout the province. The Canadian Red Cross sent close to 200 employees and volunteers from across the country to help support individuals, families and communities affected by the wildfires.

Remembering Barney Chanda: Red Cross volunteer, lifelong learner and mentor

The Canadian Red Cross family experienced a great loss last week. Long-time volunteer, mentor, Master Instructor Trainer (MIT), and friend, Barney Chanda, passed away suddenly on Wednesday, October 13th. Many will recognize Barney for his many appearances over the years in Red Cross first aid and water safety manuals, videos, and resources.

A Red Cross legacy of giving to help future generations: Peter and Donna’s story

Peter and Donna Collens, a couple from Newfoundland and Labrador, have an unwavering commitment to giving back and helping the community. Their Red Cross story began with volunteering and it will continue long into the future thanks to the legacy gift to Red Cross that they have left in their wills.

Volunteering in mental health while studying to become a doctor

Meet Wegdan Rashad Abdelmoemin. Wegdan moved to Toronto, Ontario, just over two years ago, and started volunteering not long after. An international medical graduate, with training in psychiatry and mental health, she is currently studying to get licensed as a doctor in Canada.

Making a difference for Canadians’ well-being

Cindy Chiu volunteers to support the Health Equipment Loans Program and the Friendly Calls Program, two vital Red Cross community health and well-being services in Alberta. 
“The most rewarding part about volunteering with HELP is hearing people express their gratitude for the equipment they received; how it greatly aided in their recovery or helped them continue to live independently.”

Red Cross volunteer David Summerby-Murray: unexpectedly applying his infectious diseases background at home

Red Cross volunteer David Summerby-Murray never expected a need to apply his expertise regarding infectious diseases in a place like Nova Scotia, but that quickly changed with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Helping after Newfoundland housefires – volunteer Herica’s experience

Emergency Response Volunteers, like Herica in Newfoundland, play a big part in coordinating access to food, shelter, clothing, comfort and emotional support to Canadians affected by emergencies and disasters.

Celebrating 35 years with the Canadian Red Cross

With 35 years under his belt at the Canadian Red Cross, Guy Choquet is a critical member of the organization. His journey started at the age of 15 when he stepped forward to contribute his time as a water safety leader volunteer at the Canadian Red Cross. From then on, he never looked back.

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