Spring 2023, Cross-Canada, Online IHL Youth Action Summit


The Youth Action Summit is an opportunity for high school students and teachers across the country to move from learning to action about International Humanitarian Law (IHL). This exciting 4 month initiative between the Canadian Red Cross and Centre for Global Education will call on students and teachers to learn and act through the following activities:

  • February-April 2023 - Lesson implementation: Teachers representing 20-25 high schools across Canada register for the Summit and receive access to the Summit platform. Teachers must implement at least 2 required lessons in their classroom or school club ahead of the April IHL exchange and share outcomes on the platform.
  • April 13 or 14, 2023 - National Online IHL Exchange Events: guest speakers and youth champions discuss some of the most pressing humanitarian education (H.Ed) issues facing their generation including: the targeting of civilians, forced migration, children and war, prisoners of war, gender and IHL, and the impact of war on the environment through the lens of current armed conflicts and other humanitarian crises. Schools can choose one of the two IHL exchange events to attend live, or follow the recording soon after.
  • April – May, 2023 – Youth Action: Select students (youth champions) receive access to the summit platform, and choose a summit activity to organize with a group of students from their school. Youth champions from up to 25 schools across the country exchange ideas and share activities though the platform.
  • May 24th or 25th, 2023 – National Online Summit Showcase: The Summit Showcase events will give select youth champions, whose projects will be selected by a panel of teachers and participating organizations on the Youth Action Summit Advisory Committee an audience to demonstrate how they moved from learning to action on key IHL themes. Schools can choose one of the two Summit Showcase events to attend live, or follow the recording soon after. Prizes will be awarded to students with winning projects at the conclusion of the showcase.

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For more information, contact HumanitarianEducation@redcross.ca.