Conferences, Trainings and Events

A group of people sit at a desk in a conference room.The Canadian Red Cross helps disseminate International Humanitarian Law (IHL) to government bodies, the armed forces, academia, policy makers, teachers and youth.  We hold a number of events across the country to help educate Canadians on the importance of IHL and to foster dialogue on contemporary challenges and debates. 

Summer course on international humanitarian law

Three people pose for a photo smiling, at a IFRC conventionEach year, the Canadian Red Cross, in partnership with the Center for Research and Education on Human Rights at the University of Ottawa, offers a course allowing students and professionals to
learn the fundamental principles of IHL

and to put these notions into practice by exploring realistic case studies. 


Academic conferences

One of our key objectives is to raise public awareness of the importance of IHL and its application as well as to encourage discussions on this chapter. Through conferences organized at Canadian universities across the country, the Canadian Red Cross engages in dialogue with professors, students and legislators on various issues related to IHL, and stays on the lookout for contemporary trends, challenges and debates.


List of Events