Gift of Stock and Securities

Do you hold securities that have increased in value in recent years? Did you know that when you donate them directly to the Red Cross, you don’t have to pay capital gains tax and you’re able to give the full value of your securities?

If you donate your shares directly to the Red Cross, we receive a higher donation and you receive an official receipt showing a larger contribution. This means a considerable tax benefit for you and a larger donation for the Red Cross!
Your donations of listed securities help provide assistance to people affected by an emergency, right from the very beginning: thanks to you, the Red Cross and its volunteers respond three times a day to a house fire or flood, helping thousands of people in Canada every year.
Find out more by downloading our brochure.
Are you ready to take action? Please complete the form and send it back to us. You will then receive a letter of instructions for your broker detailing the procedure to follow.