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If you have not found your answer below or have a question related to a donation, tax receipt or other, please fill out this form. We'll make sure to respond to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can contact us at 1-800-418-1111 or

The easiest way to support the work of the Canadian Red Cross is to donate online or give us a call at 1-800-418-1111.

The Red Cross has more than a century of disaster management and conflict response experience around the world, a global network of staff and volunteers and a local presence in over 185 countries. So anywhere emergency strikes, the Red Cross has personnel who know the local area, its language, culture and challenges and who can be on-scene quickly.

The Red Cross is particularly effective because of its global network of volunteers, all united by seven fundamental principles including neutrality, which offers access to areas where other organizations may be denied. All Red Cross personnel are motivated by a single purpose: to help those who need it most, regardless of location, race, political beliefs, religion, social status or culture.

Fundraising costs, including trust fund management, related to any emergency appeal will not exceed eight per cent.  The Canadian Red Cross ensures that the largest possible amount of Canadians’ donations will be used to support people affected by the emergency. There are always costs associated with raising funds for emergencies, such as the resources required to process donations securely, or issue tax receipts.

These costs include fundraising services fees (e.g. call centres, digital technologies), donation processing fees (e.g. data entry staff), communications (e.g. media relations, press releases), reporting (studies, donor reports), and all other costs which contribute to the Canadian Red Cross’ emergency fundraising efforts.

Please visit our Fundraise for the Canadian Red Cross page where you will find information and an application to submit your idea to your local fundraising representative.

Please contact us at or call 1-800-418-1111 to request a copy of your receipt. In order for us to handle your request as quickly as possible, please provide us with your full name, address, the amount of the donation as well as the method of your donation.

Please note that receipts for monthly donations are sent in February of each year.

Please contact us at or give us a call at 1-800-418-1111. To handle your request as quickly as possible, please provide your full name, address and amount of your monthly gift.

The practice of sending out these items is quite common, as many charities are finding this an effective method of fundraising. The cost of sending out these premiums is a minimal expense and has virtually no impact on our publically donated funds. If you no longer wish to receive these items, please email us at Please be sure to include your complete address

Since 2004 the Canadian Red Cross has been conducting face to face and telemarketing campaigns across the country. These campaigns are part of the Canadian RedCross’ national strategy to recruit new monthly donors. Face-to-face canvassing is one of the best ways to attract new monthly donors and telemarketing allows us to have a conversation with our current donors to explain the benefits of a monthly gift to both them, and our organization. Learn more about our Canadian Red Cross fundraising programs.

The Canadian Red Cross no longer conducts operations for blood donations. For information about giving blood, contact In Quebec, contact

The Canadian Red Cross is an independent charity and not part of the Canadian government. The Canadian Red Cross supports federal, provincial and municipal governments by providing many services to the general public, including responding to and preparing for disasters, health services, injury prevention, and violence and abuse prevention.

The Red Cross also serves as an advisor and partner to the federal government by addressing current and emerging issues in global affairs that have an impact on humanitarian work—for example, international humanitarian law (IHL).

The Canadian Red Cross relies on public donations, corporate partnerships, public grants and program revenue. In times of disaster or conflict, the Red Cross may launch an appeal for cash donations to support relief work in that area. We also accept donations to support our on-going national and international programs. More detailed information about the Canadian Red Cross’s revenues and expenses is available in our latest Annual Report.

When disasters strike or crises develop in Canada or around the world, the Red Cross may appeal for funds in order to provide humanitarian relief. The Red Cross determines the needs of the affected population and the type of assistance that is required, based on guidelines and assessments of the immediate, short and long-term assistance required.

The Canadian Red Cross is extremely committed to honouring the intent of our donors and keeping costs as low as possible. All donations raised for disaster appeals are put into a separate account, earmarked to that appeal, and are used to support emergency response, relief and recovery operations in affected countries. Fundraising costs are based on charges incurred for each individual appeal, which include receipting, processing credit cards, reporting etc.

Funds that are not required for immediate use are invested in a manner that is consistent with the statement of investment policies approved by the National Audit and Finance Committee of the Society. All funds are accounted for in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles in Canada.

Over a century of experience has proven that the best way to support Canadian Red Cross disaster responses in Canada or around the world is through a financial donation. This gives us maximum flexibility to obtain exactly what relief materials we need, when and where we need them. We do not accept donations from individuals of items like food, clothing or toys because there are tremendous transportation costs involved in shipping these items. Local purchases of food and clothing are more culturally appropriate and effective. Click here to donate now.

In some areas of the country, the Canadian Red Cross operates a Health Equipment Loan Program (HELP). For information regarding donations of equipment or services offered in your area visit our health equipment donations page.

While appreciated, the Canadian Red Cross does not accept other gifts in kind like clothing or children’s toys.

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By making a gift to the Canadian Red Cross, you are supporting life-saving assistance to vulnerable people in Canada and around the world.