Kingston Conference: International Law in the Asia-Pacific

War ship superimposed over a map of Asia Pacific

: 9AM-12:30PM, October 26, 2023

Location: 202, Robert Sutherland Hall, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario

Program: Here

To Register: Closed

The Canadian Red Cross, the Centre for International & Defence Policy, Queen’s Law, and the Canadian Forces Military Law Centre are pleased to announce the 2023 Ontario IHL Conference to be held at Queen’s University in Kingston. This year’s theme is “International Law in the Asia-Pacific.”

This free, public, half-day conference featuring academics and practitioners, will provide participants the opportunity to increase their understanding of pressing issues and challenges pertaining to international law in the Asia-Pacific.

The Asia-Pacific region is rapidly becoming a global centre of economic dynamism and a host of complex strategic challenges. It is also the home of a vibrant civil society invested in protecting the human security, human rights, and livelihoods of 60% of the world’s population. This event will highlight the need for Canada and the Canadian public to demonstrate global humanitarian leadership and sustained commitment to help address f Asia-Pacific populations’ concerns. In this spirit, our experts will assess prospects for the peaceful management of territorial and other disputes in the context of increased militarization of areas where international law in general, and humanitarian law in particular, is being challenged from the South China Sea to Myanmar. The event will profile international humanitarian law (IHL), Maritime Law, Canada’s contributions to regional security, and humanitarian and disaster relief interventions.

The conference will be of particular interest to law, policy, and international affairs students, academics, military personnel, legal professionals, and NGO representatives among others. We invite you to join us in Kingston as we examine international law in the Asia-Pacific.
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