Spring Flooding in Canada

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Spring Flooding in Canada

Several Canadian provinces experienced severe flooding in spring 2017, including Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, and Newfoundland and Labrador. The Red Cross provided support to numerous communities.

Heavy rainfall and severe flooding affected several parts of Canada. Communities in Quebec and Ontario were among those hardest hit, with thousands of families having to leave their homes. Some saw everything they had worked for submerged by the floodwaters – house, personal belongings, memories.

Red Cross Response

In Quebec, during the emergency phase, nearly 700 volunteers were deployed to assist over 5,700 families who needed a place to stay, meals, clothing, and financial and emotional support. Outreach teams were mobilized in flooded areas to make sure people were safe. In addition, 11 reception centres were opened to ensure that those who were affected would have access to Red Cross assistance at all times.

In Ontario, over 200 volunteers and staff mobilized to provide emotional support and financial assistance to more than 1,400 households.

In British Columbia and Newfoundland and Labrador, the Canadian Red Cross supported 348 and 43 impacted families respectively with financial assistance. 

Road to Recovery

In Quebec, three reception centres were still in operation in Gatineau, Rigaud, and Pierrefonds-Roxboro a year later to offer support to those who were most impacted. 

The Red Cross provided additional financial assistance to support those hardest hit during the recovery period.

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