Spring Flooding in Canada

   Photo: Ville de Gatineau 

In spring 2017, record rainfall caused severe flooding across Canada, with towns in Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia hardest hit. Thousands of people were forced out of their homes and communities, resulting in immediate and significant needs.

The Red Cross response

In Quebec, during the emergency phase, nearly 700 volunteers were deployed to assist over 5,700 families who needed a place to stay, meals, clothing, and financial and emotional support. Outreach teams were mobilized in flooded areas to make sure people were safe. In addition, 11 reception centres were opened to ensure that those who were affected would have access to Red Cross assistance at all times. Three of these centres were still in operation a year later to offer support to those who were most impacted. Learn more about the assistance provided by the Red Cross in Quebec.

In Ontario and British Columbia, nearly 1,750 families also received assistance from the many Red Cross volunteers.  Services included temporary lodging, meals, clothing, and financial and emotional support.
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