Atlantic Canada: Wildfire Responses

Personalized Recovery and Interim Housing Support
Housing Repair and Reconstruction Program
Financial assistance

Nova Scotia: Wildfire Response

Personalized Recovery and Interim Housing Support
Thanks to the support of donors, as well as matching funds from the Government of Nova Scotia and the Government of Canada, the Canadian Red Cross is offering personalized recovery and interim housing support to the people most impacted by wildfires in Nova Scotia. 
The Canadian Red Cross works with individuals and families to help them navigate their recovery journey, ensuring they are part of the planning and decision-making processes. 
Red Cross support may include helping those impacted with planning their return home, understanding insurance and community resources, providing information and referrals, as well as providing financial assistance to access mental health services and interim housing support for those who have experienced major damage to, or the destruction of, their primary home. 
If you have been impacted by the Atlantic wildfires and would like to find out more about personalized recovery and interim housing support, please call 1-800-863-6582 (Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ADT) to book a private and confidential appointment with a Case Manager. Appointments will be either in-person, over the phone or virtually. 

Housing Repair and Reconstruction Program
The Canadian Red Cross is working with homeowners whose primary residence has sustained major damage or been destroyed as a result of the 2023 Nova Scotia Wildfires through housing repair and reconstruction support.
Our Case Managers can support you with putting together a recovery plan, understanding insurance and community resources, as well as providing referrals and information to help you make decisions and inform next steps in your recovery journey.
Eligible homeowners may be able to receive financial assistance to help with costs related to housing repair and reconstruction, including:

  • Professional services (e.g., engineer, financial and/or legal professionals)
  • Expenses related to the clean up their property and home
  • Expenses related to the repair or rebuilding of their home, including mitigation activities
  • Expenses related to moving to a new location
  • Mental Health and wellbeing supports
If you have been impacted by the 2023 wildfires in Nova Scotia and would like to learn more about the recovery supports available to you, please call 1-800-863-6582, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm ADT or email us at to book an appointment with a Case Manager. 
Assistance is determined on a case-by-case basis and is not intended to duplicate insurance coverage or other assistance programs.

Nova Scotia Provincial Housing Agency Modular Housing Program
  • The Government of Nova Scotia Modular Housing Support program is intended to support Nova Scotians who lost their homes in the Shelburne County and Halifax Regional Municipality wildfires in Spring of 2023.
  • The program will provide eligible households with a new, fully furnished, two- or three-bedroom modular home for up to two years. The homes will be placed on the land where their primary residence was located.
  • Participants will pay a monthly rent directly to the Nova Scotia Provincial Housing Agency, who is the property manager of the units.
  • The Canadian Red Cross is helping people impacted by the wildfires in Nova Scotia to navigate the process of applying for the modular housing program, if the program fits their needs. This is part of our larger Personalized Recovery and Interim Housing Support program.

Frequently asked questions on this program.

In-person appointments will be held at the following locations:
Please call 1-800-863-6582 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm ADT, excluding weekends and stat holidays to book an appointment.

Halifax Regional Municipality
Redmond’s Plaza, 5181 St. Margarets Bay Road (Bay 2, Middle Entrance), Upper Tantallon, NovaScotia

Monday to Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm ADT. Closed weekends and Stat Holidays.

Town Office's Building, 168 Water Street, Shelburne, NS
Every Monday 1pm – 4:30pm, Tuesday & Wednesday 9am to 4:30pm (ADT)

Community Centre, 2517 Nova Scotia Trunk 3, Barrington, NS B0W 1E0
Every Thursday 9 am – 4 pm & Friday 9am – 12pm (ADT)


On behalf of the Government of Nova Scotia, the Canadian Red Cross distributed one-time financial assistance of $500 per eligible household to households that have been ordered to leave their primary residence by emergency officials and registered with the Red Cross before July 7.   

Please note that registration with the Canadian Red Cross for this one-time financial assistance closed as of July 7. Those who have not yet registered may still be eligible to receive personalized recovery and interim housing support. Click here for more information.
If you have general questions about Canadian Red Cross support or about the one-time financial assistance distributed on behalf of the Government of Nova Scotia, please call us at 1-800-863-6582 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm ADT, excluding weekends and stat holidays

Click here to access frequently asked questions about accessing financial assistance.

FRAUD ALERT: Unfortunately, there are some people who may try to take advantage of those impacted by a disaster through fraudulent tactics. The Canadian Red Cross will never ask for your banking information, social insurance number or credit card number in order to receive financial assistance. The Canadian Red Cross communicates only via email, phone, or in-person and would never send a link through a text message to receive assistance. The Red Cross encourages people to stay informed from credible sources, such as the Government of Canada’s website for fraud prevention tips. If you suspect you have been a victim of fraudulent activity, please contact your local police authority.

Protect yourself from scams and fraud ( 

After wildfires
  • Click here for available resources to help you in your recovery after wildfires. This includes: Step-by-step Canadian Red Cross Guide to Wildfire Recovery for information on what to do when you return home after wildfires.
  • Home Inventory Checklist: a list of your home inventory which is helpful both for insurance and other assistance programs. In the case of an insurance claim, an insurance provider would use a similar form to assess the cost to repair or replace lost or damaged items. These items are referred to as home contents.
  • Substantial Repair and Reconstruction Contract Checklist: Hiring a contractor for damage or rebuild? Use this checklist with tips as a guide when reviewing the contract prior to signing with a contractor.

Wellbeing and Coping with Crisis
Following an emergency or disaster, a person may experience a range of thoughts, feelings and behaviours that can be intense, confusing, and frightening. These experiences trigger responses that can include physical, emotional, and behavioural reactions. There are many resources to help you, your family, and your community.

Learn more about Coping with Crisis, including ways that you can care for yourself and your loved ones during an emergency. If you are concerned for the immediate safety of yourself or someone else, call a local crisis support line or 911 right away.

Additional resources are listed below and specialised crisis lines or services can also be found here
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