Hurricane Florence

Note: This appeal is now closed. You can support our ongoing work by donating to the Canadian Red Cross.

Through the generous support of Canadians, as well as corporate and government donations, over $34,000 was raised to support this operation.

The Hurricane

In September of 2018, Hurricane Florence made landfall in North Carolina. Over the course of five days, Florence dumped a record 10 trillion gallons of water on the Carolinas. Dozens of communities were inundated, and thousands of homes were damaged or destroyed by rising waters.

American Red Cross Response

Immediately, the American Red Cross was there to provide evacuees safe shelter and a place to rest their heads. Essential items like personal hygiene supplies and diapers were distributed. Trained American Red Cross mental health workers were on hand in shelters to provide vital emotional support and to help people cope with Florence’s aftermath.

CRC Contribution

The Canadian and American Red Cross have a long-standing relationship of support each other during large disasters.  The Canadian Red Cross sent a total of 40 volunteers and staff to the region to help with the response in a variety of roles.

Road to Recovery

As the states affected by Hurricane Florence begin the recovery process, the Red Cross is getting emergency financial assistance into the hands of people whose homes were most affected. This financial assistance will allow people to make their own decisions and prioritize what their families need most to start recovering. Funds can help families replace clothes or food, offset transportation costs or support other immediate needs.

Recovery will be a long and challenging process for the thousands of families who suffered devastating losses during Hurricane Florence, but the Red Cross will continue to be by their side to continue relief efforts and to develop longer-term recovery plans.

Last updated
October 2019