2023 Libya Floods

Five people with the Libyan Red Crescent assist during the flooding.
Storm Daniel hit the north-eastern part of Libya on Sunday, September 10. It was accompanied by severe weather conditions, including strong winds and sudden heavy rainfall. The storm impacted several cities, towns and villages in the north-eastern areas of Libya. This has led to massive flooding, resulting in severe impacts to infrastructure.
Dams in Derna have been damaged which resulted in a floodwater surge through the city that swept away entire neighbourhoods. Derna’s hospital was badly damaged, and services have been disrupted. Telecommunications, electricity, and water remain disrupted, complicating relief and recovery efforts. 
Red Cross Red Crescent response

The Libyan Red Crescent responded immediately, helping people evacuate their homes, providing first aid and search and rescue efforts. The most urgent needs are for cash assistance, clean water, sanitation, and psychosocial support.

Libyan Red Crescent teams have supported more than 230,000 people by providing services including immediate search and rescue, assisting in reuniting families, providing psychological support, distributing aid including relief items and supplies, and establishing a database for missing people. 

The Libyan Red Crescent has established a central emergency operation room in Benghazi, along with two temporary centres in Eastern and Western Derna. 
Support from Red Cross Red Crescent National Societies was, and continues to be, mobilized including delivering much-needed search and rescue equipment, medical supplies, first aid equipment and personnel.  

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) teams are working in coordination with the Libyan Red Crescent to search for those missing, provide dignified burials, and meet the urgent needs of people in the areas impacted by the floods.

The ICRC installed two emergency water kits and trained the Libyan Red Crescent on how to use the emergency water and sanitation equipment. ICRC also distributed hygiene and essential household kits, as well as provided medical equipment and medicine.

The Red Cross Red Crescent Movement (the Movement) continues to assist people and communities impacted by the floods. The Movement is an independent entity that provides neutral and impartial humanitarian assistance and fulfills its mandate by working in close coordination with other organizations and government partners in the field to ensure the people affected by emergencies or disasters receive the best support possible.

Canadian Red Cross response to-date, in support of Red Cross Red Crescent relief efforts

Thanks to donations to the Libya Floods appeal and support from the Temerty Foundation, the Canadian Red Cross is sending a team of humanitarian experts and supplies to support health activities on the ground.

  • The Canadian Red Cross has sent modules and experts from its field hospital and supplies to help provide assistance in the areas of public health, clinical services, and mental health and psychosocial support, considering the specific needs of diverse groups including children, women, men, other genders and marginalized populations.
  • The team will work closely with the Libyan Red Crescent to provide these services, and equipment will remain in Libya for the Libyan Red Crescent’s future use.
  • The Canadian Red Cross is grateful to the Government of Canada for funding that allows us to maintain our field hospital supplies and train our delegates.
The Canadian Red Cross supported sending relief supplies from the Government of Canada stockpiles to the Libyan Red Crescent. This includes blankets, hygiene kits, and kitchen sets that will be distributed by the Libyan Red Crescent.

Thanks to the Temerty Foundation, the Canadian Red Cross is contributing $500,000 to support health interventions in Libya.
The Canadian Red Cross remains in close contact with our Red Cross Red Crescent Movement partners and stands ready to respond with additional support as needed.
How to support those impacted by the flooding in Libya
Libya has been affected by catastrophic storms affecting most of the country causing flash floods and landslides. People in Canada wishing to help are encouraged to make a financial donation to the Libya Floods Appeal. 
  Money raised will enable the Red Cross Red Crescent to provide immediate relief, support recovery efforts, and resilience and preparedness activities for future events in impacted and surrounding areas and regions.