Hurricane Harvey

Note: This appeal is now closed. You can support our ongoing work by donating to the Canadian Red Cross.

Through the generous support of Canadians, as well as corporate and government donations, over $1.9 million was raised to support this operation.

The Hurricane

In late August of 2017, Hurricane Harvey made landfall. The result was devastating. Powerful winds and rainfall inflicted immense damage on communities across Texas and southwest Louisiana. Tens of thousands of people were forced to evacuate, as homes and livelihoods were swallowed by rising floodwaters.

Red Cross Response

Immediately, the American Red Cross was there to provide evacuees safe shelter and a place to rest their heads. Essential items like personal hygiene supplies, diapers and clean-up kits were distributed. Trained American Red Cross mental health workers were on hand in shelters to provide vital emotional support and to help people cope with Harvey’s aftermath.

CRC contribution

Thanks to generous donations from Canadians, the CRC was able to provide funds to the American Red Cross in support of emergency and recovery operations.

The American Red Cross response in numbers:

  • 9,500 American Red Cross disaster workers deployed
  • 4.5 million meals and snacks served with partners
  • 1.6 million disaster relief items distributed
  • 575,000 households received emergency financial assistance
  • 414,800 overnight shelter stays provided with partners

Road to Recovery

As Texas and Louisiana continue recover the storm, the Red Cross has provided support with financial assistance for severely affected households and grants to non-profit, community-based organizations. Over 20,000 severely affected households have received additional recovery financial assistance.

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