Hurricane Sandy USA

Note: The following appeal is now closed.  You can support our ongoing work by donating to the Canadian Red Cross.

The American Red Cross is continuing a major relief operation to assist people affected by the hurricane which has recently struck the eastern seaboard of the United States, causing power outages, fallen trees, scattered debris, and flooded neighborhoods.

Nearly 11,000 people have spent the night in more than 250 Red Cross shelters across 16 states - including New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, Delaware and North Carolina - that were hit with heavy wind, rain and snow.

The American Red Cross has mobilized 1,700 disaster workers from all over the country who have served more than 25,000 meals and snacks so far. Over 165 response vehicles have been activated and more than 230,000 ready-to-eat meals have been shipped in.

The Canadian Red Cross will be deploying 10 volunteers to support American Red Cross shelter operations in New York. Additional volunteers and stocks of pre-positioned supplies are ready to be deployed if needed.

The Hurricane Sandy - USA fund will help support the American Red Cross in their efforts to provide immediate assistance to thousands of people affected by this powerful storm.

Please give generously – your help can’t wait.