Red Cross aid continues to arrive in Haiti

Note: The following appeal is now closed.  You can support our ongoing work by donating to the Canadian Red Cross


The first of three massive Red Cross basic health care emergency response units (ERU) arrived yesterday in earthquake devastated Port-au-Prince. The ERU, is designed to provide basic and immediate health care to 30,000 people. 

Today another Red Cross convoy arrived in Port-au-Prince comprising of dozens of trained aid workers that have flown from around the world to support the efforts of the Haitian Red Cross. The convoy includes a 50-bed rapid response hospital that can be set up ‘in hours’ and can treat up to 200 seriously wounded people a day, according to Norwegian Red Cross’ Brin Ystgard, the hospital’s head surgeon. 

To date, 14 ERUs have been deployed to Haiti, with most expected to arrive this week. They include water and sanitation units, logistic units, IT and telecommunication infrastructure and a massive 250 bed hospital.

The Canadian Red Cross has contributed $6.7 million (in cash, personnel and supplies) to support Red Cross relief efforts in the area. The Candian Red Cross will continue to contribute to emergency relief efforts and antipate that a large portion of our future contributions will go towards helping affected communities rebuild and recover in the months and years to come.