Georgia/Russia Conflict

Note: The following appeal is now closed.  You can support our ongoing work by donating to the Canadian Red Cross


Since August 7, armed conflict involving Georgian, South Ossetian and Russian troops has devastated thousands in the area. Large numbers of civilians have been injured and thousands have been forced to flee their homes. In South Ossetia proper, in particular in Tskhinvali, electricity and water have reportedly been cut off. Reports also mention a high level of destruction in the town.

The response of the Red Cross to this crisis was immediate. Since violence broke out local Red Cross staff and volunteers have distributed emergency supplies including hygiene items, blankets and clothes to hundreds of civilians in affected communities.

In response to the urgent and ongoing needs of thousands affected by the conflict, the International Committee of the Red Cross is making a world-wide appeal to the public for $8 million. Funds raised will be used to will support the ongoing emergency needs of 50,000 people in affected communities.

These efforts include the deployment of a surgical team, 15 tonnes of medicine and medical supplies, and the provision of clean drinking water, food and emergency shelter to the many families displaced by the conflict.

The Government of Canada has generously contributed $500,000 in support of Red Cross relief operations in Georgia.