India Floods

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At least 14 million people in India have been impacted or displaced from their homes by flooding this year. There are now fears that a lack of clean drinking water will result in an outbreak of water-borne illnesses, including diarrhoea, skin infections and malaria. India is no stranger to monsoon rains, which hit the country every year, but according to the country’s meteorological department, this year has led to earlier and heavier than normal rains.

Disaster response teams from the Indian Red Cross Society have been deployed in Assam, where they are coordinating the search, rescue and relief operation in the affected areas. Red Cross volunteers have been mobilized since the very start of the disaster to assist with the relief effort across the country. The Bihar state branch of the Red Cross has also been actively involved in the search and rescue operation and is assisting the local authorities. In addition, volunteers have distributed tarps, kitchen equipment and clothing to people in need.