Florida Hurricane

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Eastern Florida Reeling from Frances

After Frances pounded the peninsula for nearly 24 hours, eastern Florida is reeling from the seemingly perpetual onslaught of high winds and rain.

Hurricane Charley

Hurricane Charley has devastated parts of Florida with winds gusting upwards of 289 kph (180 mph) making it the worst storm to hit the area in more than 40 years.  The state was declared a major disaster area by the American Government.  Charley has claimed at least 13 people, injured hundreds more and has destroyed over 15,000 homes.  Already, more than 45,000 people have found refuge in over 250 Red Cross shelters.  Many more Florida residents are being urged to take precautions in case of flooding and tornadoes. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has estimated the damage costs will surpass $15 billion.