How does the Canadian Red Cross help refugees and migrants?

The Canadian Red Cross helps migrant and refugee claimants who have been impacted by armed conflict and other emergency situations. Training in first aid and disaster preparedness is also available.

The Red Cross First Contact program aims to provide these refugee claimants with the tools that will help prevent marginalization, distress and exploitation.

The Canadian Red Cross provides independent monitoring of detention facilities holding immigration detainees to promote a protective environment in which detainees are treated humanely and where their human rights and their inherent dignity are respected.

Syrian Refugee Arrival in Canada
Thousands of Canadian Red Cross staff and highly trained, experienced volunteers are ready to assist the Government of Canada in the arrival of 25,000 Syrian refugees.

Working closely alongside government partners as well as community resettlement agencies the Red Cross is ready to support refugees as they transition to their new communities. This may jointly include referral services as well as ongoing basic needs, support with setting up a new home and helping people regain lost livelihoods.

Canadians can make a meaningful difference in the lives of refugees by supporting the Syrian Refugee Arrival Appeal. Your support will help the Canadian Red Cross assist refugees and their families while preparing them for life in Canada and ensure their well-being as they settle and integrate into Canadian communities.