Lac-Mégantic Disaster

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Through the generous support of Canadians, as well as corporate and government donations, nearly $15 million was raised to support this operation.


An unimaginable tragedy

On the night of July 6, 2013, a runaway train carrying millions of litres of petroleum skipped the tracks in downtown Lac-Mégantic. The result was devastating. 47 people lost their lives, 31 children lost one or both parents, entire buildings were leveled to the ground.

Red Cross Response

Canadian Red Cross teams quickly responded to ensure that the needs of evacuees were met. Some of people lost everything and the CRC provide urgent support, including emergency shelter and financial assistance in the hours and days after the disaster.

In the first 6 months, nearly 600 volunteers from across Quebec were mobilized, including 148 people from the Lac-Mégantic area. Nearly 25,000 vouchers or purchasing cards were distributed, exchangeable for items such as lodging, food and clothing.

Road to Recovery

In the years that followed, the Canadian Red Cross continued to work in the community and supported affected individuals, families, businesses and community organizations. This included support grieving families who lost a loved one, workers who lost jobs and business owners who lost their source of income.

Over five years, the Canadian Red Cross supported over 3,000 people, including 286 students and workers who lost jobs, 254 self-employed workers and business owners, and 114 grieving families.

Further, funding was allocated to rebuilding and relocation projects, support for non-profit organizations, education and health care projects, and emergency prevention and preparedness programming.

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