Gaspésie Floods

Note: The following appeal is now closed.  You can support our ongoing work by donating to the Canadian Red Cross


The Canadian Red Cross is accepting donations in support of hundreds of people affected by the heavy rains that beat down on the Gaspé Peninsula last December, causing flooding and forcing several families to evacuate their homes.

Red Cross volunteer responder teams have opened some information centres for the flood victims in the days following the floods in order to supply the services they needed as well as some comfort in these difficult times. Now, the volunteers will be evaluating the needs of those who have become vulnerable because of these floods, in order to offer them supplementary aid.

You can help the families that were victims of the Gaspé flood by donating online, by going in person to any Canadian Red Cross office or by dialing toll free 1 800 418-1111. Cheques should be made payable to the Canadian Red Cross, specify “Gaspé Flood”, and be mailed t Canadian Red Cross, Québec Office, 6 place du Commerce, Verdun, Québec, H3E 1P4.

THANK YOU for helping the flood victims in Gaspésie!

In-kind donations of food, clothing and other items, while well intentioned, are not the best way to help those in need. There are tremendous processing and transportation costs involved in shipping these items to beneficiaries. Local purchases of food and clothing are more culturally appropriate and effective. Red Cross supplies can be purchased in the immediate area, thereby reducing transportation costs. Cash transfers to the affected region provide the optimum flexibility to our Red Cross colleagues so they can meet the most urgent needs.